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  1. Yes we had NZ or rather "TE" then ; even SK , SN ,JT, NW ( with MH crew) 747 - that's just b4 MH KUL-NRT-LAX, QF 747, AN 743, UT (AF later) 743 to KUL ( subang) in 1970's and 1980's .
  2. Sorry folks , I think MAC Air may have used shorts 360 instead of Dornier , can't really remember.....I'm getting old .
  3. Yes MH logo is way Kucing. Please get facts right , including media .
  4. DP was MAC AIR , went bankrupt in mid 80's and MH quickly establish 9P to takeover DP routes as the most affected was O&G sector as DP was the only connectivity between KUL and KER ( Kerteh ) . Their fleet was predominantly turboprop Dorniers
  5. It's the failure to continuosly update products that makes a difficult for MH to compete with others. And it's worst now as the updates are being done more regular by "others" compared to 20 years ago.
  6. Has to with hadj season and aircraft may be used for charter ops.
  7. If Airbus offer their willingness for MH to trade in MH772 for the 380s, May influence MH .
  8. Not forgetting the baby 9M-MFA , MFB , MFC ........etc.
  9. To get good yield is to have good premium demand; to have a good premium demand is to have exceptional product.
  10. If CX & MH coordinates well as a team ( after all this route is a code share service) , the third possible may happen .
  11. IMHO , it was the best till recently .... Good example don't c neither much Haagen Daaz ice creams served in business class nor cheese platter for desert .
  12. hahaha;Wonder where is that arrogant 5 star carrier with the "best crew and signature dish" ?
  13. It's the 1970s where one will get satay for economy short hops to SIN, cold and yet tasty sandwiches for KBR bound flight, warmth and genuine ( n gorgeous) stewardesses , colourful floral seat motives ( not as striking as 734 these days) , safety cards with actual photos as illustrations, wau motives on the wall panels, real thick hot towels in various colous with distinctive wau at the centre to welcome us on board ( even on short hops)..etc.....oh good memories .... that I really missed of flying a ......once an airline that I was proud of as a national carrier .
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