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  1. I was going through the new charts for klia and cant help but notice that theres two different SIDs for a particular runway. Example 1) SID RWY14R Departures and SID RWY14R Right Departures 2) SID RWY15 Departures and SID RWY15 Straight Departures Under what circumstances do you follow which SIDs? Anyone kind enough to explain this please.
  2. Saw AK1591 on finals to KUL from SZB. Is this an empty flight or must passengers still remain with the plane at SZB? Would've been of very very short flight eh. lol
  3. I may be wrong, but i thought row that suppose to be an extra emergency exit? something only B739 have.
  4. Yes the lounge still exist and is open for Biz class and Enrich gold passengers.
  5. I'm guessing SQ dugongs should be closing into their D check dates by now?
  6. Test flight? yikes, I think this is in the wrong thread. Thought it was Eaglexpress. My bad. Anyways, anyone care to explain the weird flight plan for this Haj plane?
  7. I had no idea its possible to do a nonstop for DXB-SYD or MEL.
  8. This might be in the wrong topic, but why do i not see any of Firefly's ATR in FR24?
  9. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet. I think this is the true star at Farnborough. Lego definitely took engineering to a whole new level http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHsao-IhyQQ
  10. It seems the Airbus test pilots have taken the second bird out for some fun before she enters service http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18785701
  11. I have flown on this plane at too many times and i must say, apart from the air conditioning, i love this plane. Sure its old, but i have never encounter any serious problem with the plane (hopefully never will). So for me, i have never felt being unsafe at any moment in this plane.
  12. thanks guys for the info i booked row 10 so it shouldnt be any problem eh.
  13. Hi guys, been searching everywhere for this, and seatguru hasnt updated itself. I'm flying to PER from BKI next week and i'm wondering does anyone know which rows doesnt have windows or cant recline, etc etc? Thank you
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