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  1. TBH, Malaysia should also follow this trend as KLIA cant even sustain a new international route. Eg, any domestic route can connect to international from KUL/BKI within 2 hours, but not long transit hour currently. It can improve connectivity from other parts within Malaysia to oversea seamlessly. Unlike now, smaller airport keen want to become international airport and launch direct route to singapore by 2 weekly 3 weekly with higher price, then it been axed after few months no demand. While connection flight require to transit at KLIA > 3 hours.
  2. I get the frequency from radar24, also not sure y reduced so much... last time they so proud to launch with 2 daily flight directly... https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airports/pen/routes
  3. Is it just load issue for FY reducing so many flights recently? BKI - TWU - 7x weekly to 3x weekly BKI - SDK - 7x weekly to 3x weekly BKI - KCH - 9x weekly to 6x weekly BKI - MYY - 2x weekly to canceled KCH - MYY - 7x weekly to 3x weekly PEN - SIN - 14x weekly to 1 weekly PEN - JHB - 21x weekly to 8 weekly
  4. I have no issue on this. As they need to test the route market. Some routes been forced by local gov eg Sibu-Singapore which Airasia willing to giv a chance for them to test the market, y not? The only route did not mention in the article is the KL Dalat route, the route din even revive but open for sale, I bought it but luckily Airasia willing to refund for me. I believe that is why Airasia did not mention the suspended route as it nvr revive... BKI <-> PEN is not in the list, i wonder why ... Also, there is no flight between Kuching <-> Jakarta after March 2024... going to suspend also?
  5. https://www.caa.gov.tw/StatisticsYearMonthFile.aspx?a=1091&lang=1 But the load factor for AUG 2023 between KUL-TPE is 60% which is better than MH...
  6. The express load is better than transit? Y only improve the frequency for express? Or the current rail system with mix express and transit can only improve on express schedule? It will be better to have 15 min for transit schedule too since the weekday peak hour can archive that frequency.
  7. I believe the current KKIA has issue on the terminal, eg: arrival immigration area (flooded when I withnessed 5 KL planes arrived within 30 minutes due to delays), no crowd at within Sabah arrival/departure, and ATR departure zone at far end. Single runway actually can handle many many planes and the runway length is sufficient for everything else.Widebody planes are limited also but KKIA can park max 5 planes. btw, i also like the current location whereby i can thake less than RM10 grab car to the city centre at night...
  8. how about KCH - SIN? i think it is the only MH flight non-KUL.
  9. 2022 Q4 passenger traffic released, source from MOT.
  10. seems like the bus route doable with 3 buses .... but thr will be 24/7 15 minutes bus or no bus at midnight? i prefer they make the timetable eg KLIA transit/express so I can know the exact departure time.. btw, KLIA T2 go to T1 require 20 minutes....
  11. Not understand the news? does it mean any airline can operate at subang starting today? or the terminal must be relocated/rebuild/expand for cater jet? wonder if foreign airline can be used or no?
  12. 2022 Q3 passsenger traffic is released via MOT.... KLIA PEN IPOH increased much seems due to international traffic.
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