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  1. Yes you can take couch from Singapore city to Kuala Lumpur city with price range from RM50+ to RM100+ one way. If fast and easy to travel. If not mistake it just need around 3 hours 50 mins to 4hours 50 mins depend on the trafic. It just one hour more from taking airplane.
  2. Leo

    Sydney 12JUN06

    Oh just want to meet some of you guys there. Been holiday in Sydney and Melbourne. For sydney it too late, going of today and flying of to Melbourne. So is there any MW member in melbourne. For Tony, nice picture you have. BTW to bad can't meet you even I stay near by your place at Kingsford. Know one of your friend call Chung. Also stay near by there. Happen to be that I open MW and look at this forum and at a suddent he say "huh" I know this guy. So build up intention to know you but too bad you where not here and when to Melbourne. So that it.
  3. Leo

    Sydney 12JUN06

    Just borrow this topic, is there MW member in Sydney or Melbourne or in Perth?
  4. If LHR only can have pier 6 to handle 4 aircraft at a time then it will be again restrict to what time and which airline can fly in thier A380. should LHR increase their pier 6 to handle more A380.
  5. Save cost and reduce weight to carry more cargo.
  6. I don't think there will be any event happen as MH don't have money now and CEO also did mention no more big promotion so to save money.
  7. By that time people will say it is a nice plane.
  8. How they know that the woman is having a bird flu?
  9. Oh the cost of a nasi lemak is around RM15 is because at first the ingredient to make a nasi lemak is there the basic but cost not stop there. Don't forget there is also involve thing that need to hold on to the nasi lemak to be transport to the aircraft those equipment are not cheap because it come in with air cooler which again include cost there. Then they don't simply rap in on the pandan leafs, so the containers need to be clean and hygiene, it cost incurs again. By the way nasi lemak on the plane also contribute to weight every KG add to the flight also mean burn more fuel, so anything that been pick up for the air plane like the trolley or food cart also contribute to weight which also a cost to the airlines. So all the above and other that I didn’t mention contribute to the cost of the nasi lemak. Hance out the nasi lemak now become RM15.
  10. safety or cost... For me I say safety... Money I can earn from other way but life there is just once there is no take two. So I would say go for it...made them grounded when they are old.
  11. Leo

    Busy at BKI

    Are you sure there where such as many as 5 plane's in the same time during the past park at terminal 2 a.k.a Air Asia terminal?
  12. Actually it all really depend on the view of individual. For a me the price is not a factor. If they are serving cheap but it nice and quality is there why not. If they are serving me food that are not up to standard and cost me a lot, then it bad for them.............and maybe get sue.
  13. Leo

    Busy at BKI

    Samual where did you put ur picture for the observation hill that show the A333?
  14. In this case if MH lost it only hope of success, will Air Asia become the national carrier?
  15. By the way I just happen to help my friend bought a ticket for the march 1st flight to Hamburg after survey the cheapest price from KL to Hamburg.
  16. By the way their control tower I think almost similer to KLIA tower.
  17. Are we suppose to provide real name or just a username?
  18. Emm all those extra flight now selling fast. Discout fare no more and only left normal fare in Eco class. Better act fast so that you are on for CNY.
  19. Yes support to Peter C. as this is one of the area that Mas start making money. 20Kg is 20kg no add on. Come on guys support mas by let them charge where is suppose to charge. Then we will see mas fly again in it pride with profit on their hand. BTW not only weight, late arrive also need to be panalty. As a Malaysian we always say never mind. Example, late, regulation, appointment and so on. All those days Mas already spoon feed us alot by mention nevermind to many thing. So this time around they need support, so why not we support them.
  20. MH7XXX is for charter flight or flight that are temporary flight such as seasons flight like extra flight during festival season such as Hari raya, Chinese New year and so on.
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