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  1. There is one thing that forget to mention about it. Baggage allowance!!! Most of us didn't think about it until we reach airport where this is the kick part. We shop shop shop until forget how much KG that we allowed to take into the aircraft. And then OMG I have excess my allowance. Well Air Asia now only give 12KG for it flight. Air Asia X ? 15KG? Well how about extra KG? Well add up those extra KG I think those air fare will almost equal to full service airline oh!.
  2. BKI current pax are those to or from the orient route. BKI to any destination other then orient route is not forcible as it could not sustain the low pax.
  3. you see what i predict is correct!!! hahaha an airbus gimmic.
  4. Maybe it another gimmic that SQ is doing PR or some how play some gamble on the delivery of the A380 and the compensation of the late delivery. WHAT A GOOD PRESURE!
  5. The display manu on the PTV is just few line of words discribe what they serve. Not display the pcitures of the food that they going to serve in the flight.
  6. Base on what I hear from the story is that MH management had this idea of closing down all it town office. The move is along with the VSS where it come out the plan of removing all town office and change it to internet so that less money need to be spend on human power. This come in time that some of MH domestic route been hand over to Air Asia. So the idea work as MH will lost most of it domestic sector so airport office is sufficient to cater the need of pax. They also had introduced ticket less where MH pax are encouraged to buy ticket via internet. So MH close down all it town office in order to save cost and concentrate the cost of using it to develop more on the internet or give out promotion in term of money spend on human power. But this went wrong…….. The move become in proper as MH didn’t lose up much of the domestic route because of some government policy and end up become bad idea as MH already remove much of it workers from the VSS. Thus the closure of those offices had to be done.
  7. Leo

    New MAS menu

    Does anyone still board the MH2637 recently? This is because last time this flight normally pax in EY only have 1 choice which is nasi lemak.
  8. Base on this story people should now clear that the term "LCC" mean to pax. People always misslead that if the LCC cancels or change flight time then pax will get a hotel or food or drink or anything that make time easy go. That wrong! Because LCC do business that are base on their advantage and not base on pax advantage. This is also lead to what make me disagree that national route should hand in to Air Asia or Fax. People in Sabah and Sarawak quite depend on air transport to travel to each other place for business trip on the same day. Fax or Air Asia is not bound to the need to operate what it needs to operate like MH does last time. They can alter what ever time or cancel what ever they need to make the route profit. They need not care about the social responsibilities that Sabah or Sarawak or even west Malaysia need to travel. Example in season holiday Air Asia ticket can rise almost on par to MH full fare of Y class. But if something likes Wai Hung case happen in season holiday like Chinese New Year pax will be left with the option of refund or change to another flight. Do you think pax at that time want to be refund or change flight time? NO people want that time to fly back to meet family. Wai Hung is lucky that it happen in the way that JB to KL is supported by couch which can be substitute. I had an even worse experience where I bought ticket for my parents from BKI to LBU where first part of is on MH senior citizen ticket and the return is on Air Asia all to be travel on same day. MH flight is on the afternoon and Air Asia return flight is on the evening. I bought those tickets because my parent need to be traveling on the same day thus the combination of those timing is perfect. So same thing happen where Fax sms up and mention that flight cancel for the return leg from LBU to BKI and give option to refund or change timing to early flight which is a day ahead. I told them that my parent not in LBU yet on the day before the flight so how to move forward? So for me do I seam like need to refund or change timing where my parents need to be back on the same day? NO and worse part MH ticket also been purchased and it is not refundable. Which made me angry as they have the right to change time but we have no choice to alter which suitable for us? Travel by sea is not an option as night time there is no more ship to be travel back to BKI. So conclusion is for secure flight do travel on MH as there is still some hope in the way they have other flight time or at lease hotel to stay on if change flight or delay or what ever unless pax are on less budget which no choice but to choose Air Asia.
  9. Sandeep actually the cost of using the aerobridge is expensive. Do you know that using an aerobridge for a normal B737 will cost like thousand RM just to ask some one people to connect them within few minutes time. Then remove another thousand. LCC Airline operator will sure ask people to walk on tarmac. Add on they will save a lot on the fee that they need to pay to the airport operator. It can be say that they can save like milllion base on a year. So do you think they will provide aerobridge for pax. NO IS THE ANSWER.
  10. For me I would say let other own the title to the first as first not always best. For me I would rather see KLIA to be build slow but with future planing such as proper placing of building in the right place and build it at the right cost. Current LCCT which only satisfy today need will some how some day demolish which is a waste of tax payer money.
  11. wow for a 12 hours flight we get to choose nasi lemak or some small snacks with 32 inch seat that have limited recline. I think I will be really suffer for that flight And the worse part 15 KG load limit. I don't think I will be hope on the flight.
  12. What I know for Asian airlines "they" rather would not give away upgrade. Upgrade on other hand will be the last option that will the airlines officers give out to passenger. Asian airliners handdle passenger difference from the western airlines. Normally there will no gate agen to facilitade upgrade. All upgrade will be done in the check in counter via stand by counter by the counter supervisor. This is because Asian airport have air side and land side that prevent people to get through gate counter. So if travel via Asian airport don't go to gate agen as they have non autorities to do so. Selection of the upgrade would be same as western airlines and run by computer to sort passenger detail and upgrade them. On other way upgrade would be more easy if a person know the supervisor well. Supervisor on the check in counter are more flxible compare to western airlines as supervisor have the last desicion on upgrade the passenger.
  13. Yes the menu for EY class have been display in the IFE. Once they are serving the pax they will list down 2 option on the display with white words on the display and the background will be the the show that individual watching. For pax point of view I would say it is not classy already compare to giving out menu in the form of paper. And another point is that pax will lose out and advantage to the airlines. Why? my company view explain. For company point of view they will save 2 types of cost. First, they can save cost on printing the menus and distribute to the pax. Second view which relate to pax is that once there is no menu people will not order anything. This is because people don't know they are entitle to what type of foods or drink that have been provide to them. Example, many people didn't notice that for there is alot of type of drink can be order and also pax can get some snacks during the flight. Like cocktail, liquor, bear and so on. So here airline can save more because they need not serve more to the pax. Been silent didn't mean they didn't provide thay type of service, it is just that pax didn't order and they didn't anounce they have so they can save more again.
  14. Maybe they can't come up with full B747 or full B777 so they came up with mix of Boieng and airbus to do the job because of fleet rotation.
  15. I would say everything have 2 sides. Of cause as normal people we will say this it is bad as pax will lose connection toward the east cost of US. Too bad for us. But at another side airline with any route that can't bring profit, they will chop it down. They only think of profit, they will not think of pax limitation to travel to east cost of US is not their fault. If they can't earn money no one will give them compensate for their lost. As for me, any route that can't bring profit for MH, chop it down. I support this idea as this is not the time to be proud to have MH fleet to be in NYC but at the expense of the company. When there is a demand then at that time MH fly back will be better.
  16. Daniel, Sorry for misleading you. You can't leave the terminal. Actually what I mean is to be ferrie to the terminal. Last time the plane that I board where not permited to leave the aircraft even we where park at the terminal and have aero bridge connect to the aircraft.
  17. I have been to 2 of those Cities CPT and EZE. Both separate trip. CPT have more natural wonder to hang around. EZE have it's wonder in city format hehe "shopping" or you can hang around on it neighborhood. KUL-JNB flight always full all the way to first class. JNB-CPT always empty because MH don't have domestic right so will not have new pax board until... CPT-EZE full again as new pax come in for this sector. BTW can you let me know either you where able to go down to CPT airport while you where transit on CPT. Last time my flight didn't let pax going out of the airport and we have to stay on the flight all the way from JNB-EZE.
  18. BTW to Robin, in the airline data computer you can check the list of destination and those hotel that staff can get discount. If not just check with HR i'm sure they will give you a list about it.
  19. Wow 30K what class you travel at?
  20. Source: The Star Hey are they forget to include the region of Australia & New Zeland and North or NorthEast Asia?
  21. Guess what Air Asia just rise again their fuel surcharges and/or admin fee. You are right Mushrif A. Air Asia really know how to mislead people. Here mention to people we would not rise the ticket price, but behind do nasty thing by increase fuel surcharges and admin fee. last month KUL-BKI tax is RM50 which already increase RM10 from feb. The latest I check in Air Asia website, tax have increase another RM15 which are now RM65 one way. damn Air Asia.
  22. no more full B747-4 in coming with the next change. Too bad But good for spoter.
  23. Online time table also good for sporter in BKI airport so that spoters can spot plane easy such as those B777 that are rare in BKI airport.
  24. Andrew, yes travel with air plane is 45 mins away. But do think of other time that one need to spend. KL city to KLIA is far. by bus or car one might need at lease 50 mins to reach KLIA from KL city. Trafic jam up till 1 hour plus. ok in the airport one need to check in and boarding and also at lease 1 hour before the flight. next the flight 45 mins. arrive SIN airport have to wait for 30 mins for clear immigration and custom. Then lastly take taxi to reach the city which again another 20 mins. So add up all how many mins or hour there? it like 4 hours plus already. So how much difference it like 1 hour difference from bus. And the price you calculate for me. Travel to JHB also the same as KLIA is far. Senai also far from the city. BY time and money wise it not worth to spend flight to Senai and pass all bridge to singapore. Just use the bus less mess and city to city.
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