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    Mas Catering

    BKI station is not fully operates by Mas catering. It atually Gardenia Sabah who help them perform under supervision of Mas catering.
  2. Hahaha Singapore is just neighbor to us but look at how people board public transports. It amazing to see how people queue up. Across the one small river people on this side "Malaysia" change to other "mode" to be the first to enter at all cost.
  3. New Interface but still loading page need to be inprove.
  4. P&W because value for money engine.
  5. Simply "Amzing" Boeing all the way.....Boeing boleh!!!
  6. Btw this is what other rumor that I hear from insider of the airline industry. The fact that FAX can easily pass on the RAS service to Fireflyz is because the hidden agreements that both FAX and government have agree when FAX take over last year. Some of the agreement might be something like: 1. The lost will be cover by government in a form of monetary or facility discount or other that both agree. 2. FAX have the abilities to cancel any flight that can't make the profit enough to fly like 2 person flight in those early morning flight. Thus we see a lot of cancel at last minute. 3. FAX can evaluate and make and decision on either to continue or to let other operator to service the RAS base on certain period. 4. Other that we can't think of..... So this as what I so call try and error is a period that FAX and government is like employer give 6 month of try period to see if the employee can work or not which depend on the end result. If situation come worse either one side can hand over. But this kind of move as you guys say can involve a lot of people like airline employee, state government or tourist and so on which I can say they have poor decision making.
  7. This is a bad move. What happen in the government that such move have been approved???? If it happen in other part of the world FAX will bring to court because they can't perform what they have promiss in the process of take over RAS that they have ensure to the government. In another thought if RAS is a profit route I would not give out at all cost.
  8. There are 2 point of view that we need to look at. Point of view 1 MAS: For MAS they are are flag carrier so when permission given it has to be MAS then to Air Asia. Because of this MAS has to fullfill government request. Some time MAS has to do even they not willing to do. All this because China gov and My gov air agreement. Point of view 2 Sarawak Government: For gov of Sarawak they need to develop new route to attract people to come to Miri or any point of Sarawak. They sure don't want people to travel via BKI to Eastern Asia or VV. Why because extra cost. If people need to travel via BKI or KCH or KUL, people will not come to those place and have a visit. A transit will need pax to pay more such as admin fee, fuel surchage, and difference air fare plus time to wait for transit.
  9. Leo


    When will this time or route change happen?
  10. But still the hills is white in colour. Abit wired don't you guys think?
  11. Haha Who build B737? Of cause Boeing. So We should know that b737 will not have row 13 and not because they want to please western customers.
  12. LCC = pay less = no flexi = no complain because cost do not permit a person to complain and to follow terms and condition. Full fare = pay more = flexi = can complain until what you want it to be but also have limit to terms and condition. my equation pay more to complain more, pay less don't complain lot. A bit is welcome to improve service.
  13. Fireflyz should not take back those route. Let FAX operate so that they know it not easy to maintain rural area service and made them more responsible on take decision on what they have mentioned.
  14. Good to hear that alot of Sabahan emerge. But too bad all Sabahan need to wait a little while for that project to be finish.
  15. My longest was BKI-KUL-MEL-SYD-BNE-KUL-BKI in one itinerary but been travel for 2 weeks in total. Single should be BKI-KUL-DXB-IST-EWR. because emegency my plane need to stop at Istanbul which bring me to 31 hours.
  16. just cancel it. noting more happy then that at the moment.
  17. emmm even there is some empty seats, airline will not give it out easy. Same with the teory of if there is empty room in a hotel will the hotel provide a guess of 3 for anonther room instate of provide them 2 rooms? BTW If there is maybe there is luck as always there are miracle happen on upgrade. Just hope for the best.
  18. Better stay away from Indonesian Airliners until it clear it image.
  19. I ask about the full stop landing for 747 this is because I saw in the picture that Mohd Idham provided show the end of the runway the place for aircraft turn didn't feel like big enough for a 747 can turn around. So that why I ask those pro are there able to turn 180 degree turn at the end of the runway.
  20. Samuel you also in KL now?
  21. Can a Boeing 747 make a full stop and turm around fly back or they just can have a touch and go at Senai?
  22. no wonder after paint the aircraft increase a lot in weight. The paint it self is like another layer for the aircraft.
  23. Actually the topic starter quote the article from the star newspaper. He is not the one who check the air ticket price at MAS website.
  24. I think there will be some interesting picture in the fuselage, can wait for it.
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