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  1. It amazing. Last time MAS did say they are loosing money from the domestic route, now wow they open shop like no one else. Are they hidding something from us?
  2. pax point of view... give me the damn cheap flight!!! my point of view... let Air Asia suffer first, then they will appreciate the route as thing that come in easy will not always appreciate just like RAS. Don't our parent teach us this way when we small.
  3. There is another way that a person can get into GL for free. The method of how a person can get into those GL for free were by you know the person who stand on the GL counter to receive passenger. I mean know that person in term of friend I meam a close friend. Not those like "hi do i know you from somewhere". If you don't know then too bad can't help much.
  4. Leo


    Taking about Stuff, difference point of view have difference outcome. In the view point of MAS, they don't expect to separate people by paying X amount of RM then in 1-2 year time hire them back to the company. In the case for some of those base in BKI and KCH received they did received huge amount of money, even more then KUL base. Why? Because last time when "MSA" not MAS form the company they incorporated Borneo Airways into the company, thus stuff also absorb from Borneo Airways into MSA. MSS work with time factor, so the longer that person stay in the company the more they will get from the MSS. How much? We are talking about 5 figure pay. It's a jackpot for those who receive money yet still work in the company if they are re hire. Of cause not everyone get 5 figures, but yet the amount is huge. This is why a lot of stuff opts to get MSS because of the huge reward. In the corporate world CEO have to complied with it shareholder by gain money and not pay give money. Just like I pay someone else to leave pool yet in another way that person jump back in again and try to swim. But for stuff I'm sorry to hear about their situation. Come on people!!! They are just looking for a job, so give them the job if they are suitable to do the job. They have got the skills that the company needs. And also they know aviation and died for aviation hehehe this is the best of all that we all have to agree. I say we have to seek for the intermediate point where both parties can agree with and do the best for the RAS as poor performance of RAS harming the tourism industry after the government make some (I don't know good or bad decision). But question arrise if hire back will the MSS stuff willing to take new pay which is much lower then they old pay or will MAS have to pay them high pay like last time but yet MSS consider being a failure which they pay huge amount to compensate?
  5. I think too small. Go to travel agen faster hehehe. KK is a small place.
  6. For the moment the e ticket with mas is still not secure yet. Both insident happent with my friend board mas been told to show prove of purchases. 2 of my friend been told to product a copy of the itemnery to the ground stuff for 4 time before the flight close it door to and take off. Then 3rd time my bro print out 3 paper's and give each copies to each check point so that no more question ask. So end up no paper ticket become 3 copies of itemnery ticket.....
  7. yeah I already get the benefit out from it... wow keep on the low fare... first time on MH with AK price hehehee...
  8. Well yes Air Asia do also have delay and some even cancel and force people to move to a later flight. Flight from KL to KK for the pass week have more then 4 flight cancel. How I know because all are been board by my friends. AK simple just send you sms mention that your flight have been delay to 1 or 2 hours and as you to board that flight. And alot of us will have a or it depend on case. For me delay we just treat as a bonus loh (think positively), why I can take more pictures and can hang around at the airport because I like the feel of it. I belive there are alot of guys here also same with me like to hang around at airport to enjoy the moment and take more pictures. BTW Just a question pop up! MAS delay Idris have to leave, then AK delay should Tony be leave as well. Yeah flight delay is normal thing and yet everyone don't like it. Even my self I also don't like delay. But for safety reason I rather delay then be sorry.
  9. For Cap Radzi yup it arrived SYD at early morning 0610 local time. For meal I think it is a bit hard as PAX are not alowed to bring in liquid; food may contain liquid. If the food is no liquid base but still we can't bring water in to cabin. 8 hours human do need water. Unless we buy from airport which emm it would be half price from the price menu that it show. For cheap I say RM88 is plus tax and surcharge is super2 cheap. After promotion 1 way plus tax and surcharge will be RM1796 base on the website which is average price only. Not to say compare where this is totally difference airport people in BKI are more have a better deal as normal fare for BKI to SYD return that show in the internet can be as low as BND 762 = RM1828 *rate 2.4/RM. And RBA is a full fare airline. So what I mean is that the airfare for JQ is not that really cheap at all. Btw do any of you guys know how to obtain ETA free beside from travel agen and airline company?
  10. regarding to the first article how com there is one say they are overbook by 50 pax but the aircraft bound for 2 difference place of Australia. One is Perth and one is Malbourne. Since when MH have flight mix up 2 destination togather?
  11. Been disble is not a insult nor wrong in nature, yet they still need to travel. But as always a person travel will need to pay for what they use regardless that person diable or normal. People who need extra thing of cause have to pay with it. Yes I will say AK can build something like a lift or what so ever to lift people up, but would someone want to pay for it like RM100 per use. Then people will start to BTW human are greedy want to travel cheap but yet need full service. AK have said that LCC mean pay per use. NO use no pay simple.
  12. You get it from Australia Channel 7 leh.You get it from Australia Channel 7 leh.
  13. I'm not sure about this, but some how I hear that KE is doing a so call season chater flight which when they experience high season then they may opt for flight and during low season they may opt for not flying to BKI. Is there anything such as season chater flight?
  14. Wow Firefly offer IFE in flight entertaiment. Wow what a low cost airlines they have.
  15. It a sign when berjaya air bought the aircraft last week ago. Haha so fast Malaysian government add another 10 more.
  16. Huh are they true on talking such a thing? Even the newspaper didn't have such a big news.
  17. Austrian Airlines no more flying to KUL. They stop their service way back beginig of the year.
  18. Time for Sabah to have own airline: Yong Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said the time has come for Sabah to study the possibility of operating its own airline, with or without Sarawak. He said with professional and expert management sourced internationally, a Borneo Airline, can be profitable and later expand the service to regional destinations. "It has been said that a city or country needs a big population to operate a viable airline. But Brunei and Singapore have proven that small economies also can make a success out of its own airlines with vast international networks," he said. If there is a need, Sabah can tap the international aviation industry, work out an alliance with regional airlines like Silk Air and Royal Brunei Airlines and fly our own Borneo Airlines to Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Manila, Bangkok, London and other international destinations, he said. Yong said this in response to the poor service rendered by Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) in Sabah and Sarawak. The Rural Air Services (RAS) in both states, currently operated by FAX, would be taken over by MASWings, a new fully-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, in stages from Oct 1. FAX had taken over RAS from MAS in August last year, but failed to provide a satisfactory level of service due to frequent technical problems. Yong, a former Chief Minister, also called on the Federal government, particularly the Ministry of Transport, to get its act together and give the people of Sabah and Sarawak this basic mode of transportation that is badly needed to get to the vast areas of Sabah and Sarawak. "This trial and error approach by the top officials of the Ministry is doing a gross injustice to the people of Sabah and Sarawak. There have been too many cases of desperation, frustration and tears of stranded passengers at the KK and Lahad Datu airports," he said. He said having achieved so much development after 44 years in Malaysia, it is shameful to see that the aviation service has gone from bad to worse, even worse than the days of MSA (then known as Malaysia Singapore Airlines) in the 1960s. FAX's poor service is more than just delays and cancellations, he said, adding that there are many cases that warrant investigations. Listing out the examples, Yong said these include flight cancellations with little or no notice; flight delays with no update on the Expected Time of Departure; arbitrarily putting passengers on other unscheduled flights; completely misleading SMS (short messaging service) and phone calls like asking passengers to rush to the airport to catch an earlier flight when the flight was delayed for two hours instead; payments being received by FAX via the Internet for flights which were later found to be non-existent when passengers tried to check in at the airport; the Kota Kinabalu FAX office blaming the Miri FAX office; the ground staff blaming the office staff; and in the case of Lahad Datu, airline flights had been replaced by a lousy 10-hour bus ride from Lahad Datu airport to Kota Kinabalu. "Even the elected representatives (YBs) and Assistant Minister from Lahad Datu now travel two hours by car to Tawau or Sandakan to catch the MAS flight out of Lahad Datu. "The loss of time, money and fuel, energy and hardship caused to ordinary people and consequential loss to the economy is incalculable," he said. He called on the Minister of Transport and senior officials to try the FAX service themselves, saying only then will they understand the sense of betrayal felt by the people in Sabah and Sarawak. Meanwhile, it was erroneously stated in our report Wednesday that FAX is a subsidiary of MAS. -----Daily Express.
  19. Chan should quit over rural air service mess: Cash Kota Kinabalu: The Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (Cash) said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy should resign for the debacle and huge economic losses incurred by Sabah and Sarawak as a result of the handover of the Rural Air Services to Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) last August. He said where Sabah and Sarawak are concerned, Chan should have allowed the rationalisation plan involving MAS and AirAsia to only go through after being fully aware of the pros and cons, instead of leaving things to hope as it appears to have turned out. FAX is a subsidiary of MAS and used the five Twin Otters and seven Fokker 50s of MAS to operate the service, which has from Day One been bogged down by flight cancellations and delays due to technical problems faced by the aircraft. Businessmen, especially those needing to travel to places like Lahad Datu have been subject to great inconvenience, besides causing millions of ringgit in hotel cancellations by tourists to places like Mulu due to non-availability of flights. Patrick also said consumers in Sabah can no longer wait until Oct. 1 for MASWings, the new fully-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines to take over the services. "I have many businessmen complaining why they have to wait until October," he said. "If he (Chan) is still not aware of the seriousness of the situation, he should resign honourably just like Ministers in other countries like India and Japan. In fact, this principle should also apply to all Malaysian Ministers. "Some of them even tend to pass the buck to various departments like the PWD as seen in the recent cases of structures falling apart in buildings in Putrajaya where the Prime Minister had to step in to order that the finger-pointing be stopped." Last week, some 40 passengers including infants, children and elderly, who were supposed to depart from here to Bintulu and Sibu via FAX were stranded at Terminal Two from dawn until midnight due to aircraft technical problems. ------ Daily Express, Sabah. Wow he got hugh guts!!!
  20. hehe did the end of the line people know what they queue for and or know how long is the queue...
  21. Actually KLIA forest can't be see as first it was out side the terminal building with glass wall block away from eye's view, second those restoran, duty free show and information counter make people more away from the glass wall it self make me didn't feel like those forest are visible or even notice them around the airport it self. Lighting for the forest are poor also.
  22. Leo

    Mas Catering

    Gardenia can say to be an outsource company. It help MH to perform cater for BKI station. So MH doesn’t have inventory control over what Gardenia charges them. If MH rent warehouse and store these "hardware" then MH really need to spend more on operation cost as MH need to employ more personal to handle their operation. More people mean more money spends "more free ticket for employee" and more store room mean more money for warehouse. Beside that inventory control would be difficult because lack of higher management. In fact material in Sabah are more expensive compare to KL it self. So with all account in uplift from KUL is still the best option to save cost. But time to time management will change as the info that I provide are valid 2 year + ago. BKI in the mean time not only service morning flight but flight that are not VV from KUL it self.
  23. Leo

    Mas Catering

    Those meals are uplift from KUL with connection to overseas such as A330 and B777 flight because those flight able to uplift 2 set of meals. For B737 flight the main dish will be uplift from KUL if the flight is a VV flight. Side dish and dining ware can be uplift from KUL. Early morning flight with B737 out from BKI will always be uplift from BKI. With flight operation it self not only meal are uplift. It can be range from newspaper, coffee, Tea, Juice and so on, toiletry product, magazine, peanuts, tower for business class, glass ware, and so on all are uplift from KUL it self.
  24. Leo

    Mas Catering

    Actually they need to standardise the serving and in the mean time upload in BKI is damn expensive. Gardenia Sabah charge them expensive an EY domestic set will be around RM30 per set. EY international can be price around RM45 per set.
  25. Leo

    Mas Catering

    For BKI case actually alot of food up load are done by KUL already. BKI only upleaf on those sector that are bound to KUL from international destination or flight that start in the early morning. Other sector such as VV KUL flight all upleaf from KUL it self.
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