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  1. There is no security screening after immigration at MTB. That is customs screening - but I see your point of it being almost pointless.


    It is so very easy to avoid it altogether if one makes the effort.


    Just want to ask.

    1. What is the intention of Customs screen all pax for at KLIA? Is it for tax purpose?

    2. Does other International airport "BKI,KCH,PEN,etc..." have the first screening process at those airport?

  2. This is what I had experience on my last week flight from KUL-BKI.


    It state that if people who are travel not with the same itinerary a computer system will be use to free assign seat for the pax. So same itinerary will be assign by computer to seat together but if pax been check in early.


    So the first leg from KUL-BKI. My itinerary was brought different from my brother, but lucky the flight is not full so we ask the check in counter to help us put seat together and "wa la" we been assign seat together.


    Next flight from BKI-KUL Itinerary brought together so when check in at BKI, the check in staff assign the seat together. So no problem!


    So what to do when system change is travel to airport early and check in early. DO REMIND THEM YOU ARE NOT TRAVEL ALONE AND ASK FOR SEAT ASSIGN TOGATHER. The chance of assign seat together will be much higher.


  3. OK let me give you and idea what Big Tree charge for the Train it self. The fact is base on their presentation of one of their rep in my company about 3 months ago.


    1. How much a company need pay for such an advert be put inside and/or outside for a train??


    Answer. The price for both kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line are the same. But both have difference place to stick the sticker on their train. The price that been mention is base on 1 train advertisement plan.


    For Kelana Jaya line, the price include interior and exterior as Kelana Line train only have 2 coaches and for Ampang Line there is 4 coaches. For Kelana Line there are 24 place to place advertisements in a single train. Ampang Line has 18 for interior and 54 with exterior and price which customer can choose base on the price to place interior or exterior or place both and pay twice the amount.


    OK pricing structures are base on 6 month contract. Media Rental = 100K, GST5%= 4.5K, Production cost = RM100K, Total RM204K.


    2. How long duration for the advert??it is base on contract??

    Answer I had mention it is base on contract. The shorter the contract the more their customer need to pay. Base on customer needs. But do mine that the production cost will not be justify if a customer place for 1 month campaign. So they might place at lease 3 months to justify the cost of the productions.


    3. How long it take for workers to compete paste all the advert??

    Answer. In weeks time they should able to compete. But all are subject to many rules and regulation as you needs to summit production pictures to SPNB, town board (DBKL), Malaysian regulator for advertisement and etc...


    Hope this clear the questions.



  4. If only I where part of the reporter that able to be part of the hand over for will be enough for me as those flight have more meaning then a regular flight because they only come in once.


    BTW how to change the topic?

  5. Wow in 2 days time I will be using it. Yeah...


    Yeah different country stand on different side. Malaysian and Singaporean stand on the left while HK people stand on the right. Btw I dont't think BKI will have that high people traffic at the moment so stand which side also whould not block people. :drinks:

  6. This is what I call fare for all.

    As what other company advertise using the word "FROM" is a misleading.

    This mean alot to consumer as no point going over to a travel fair to make compare where hiddent charge had big difference in comparing the final fare for the ticket. People walk walk around and ask for price that might come out difference and exhibitor been always say "don't you know how to look at signboard!"

    Normal people want the final fare and not the fare "FROM".

  7. oh sorry


    let me clear the forth point.

    The point that I mean is for West Malaysian. For them travel in between the 2 state need passport at that time.


    As for Sarawakian travel to Sabah. They still need IC just like what Sabahan need IC to travel to Sarawak. At the same time Sabah immigration will also issue receipt for them. I get the information from my cousin in law which he is a Sarawakian but now stay in Sabah.

  8. OK ok let me clear more.


    When independent that time Sabah and Sarawak been told to joint the "FUN" to form the federation of Malaysia. This is because at that time communist was way strong. At that moment our beloved Tengku scare that the Malaya can't hold on with it. As of that moment Indonesia and Philippine was going with reformation that make the situation going worse. As of that, Malaya need to growth bigger to defense it self. With permission from the British, Malaya was to joint with Singapore, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei to form into the federation of Malaysia. This will eventually make those place mention stronger to resist communist and also prevent Singapore, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei from fallen to Communist.


    During those days, Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei all can be so call country of it own and rule under different ruler from the British side. So in order to have fare deal, Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and Singapore was as long to joint into the federation and ask to open negotiation to joint into the federation. Sabah, Sarawak Brunei open up the talk with 3 side retain it own state policy in immigration, royalty, water and bla bla bla….At the half way of the talk, Brunei when out from the talk and didn't want to joint…. There goes Brunei from Malaysia. With memorandum been confirming for Sabah and Sarawak to joint in, Malaysia form in with Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak and left out Brunei.


    OK OK let come back from history you guys find more from internet la. Just now I had mention about Sabah and Sarawak joint Malaysia with memorandum on issue regarding to immigration, royalty and other. Let me mention more to clear thing up.


    Sabah and Sarawak at that time was small in population and full with natural resource such as oil, timber and land. So with low population and lot of natural resource, Sabah and Sarawak sign memorandum to joint Malaysia which take effect on the matter of immigration, royalty and blab la bla to prevent west Malaysian to work in both state.




    So with that enforcement of those agreement, Sabah and Sarawak have it own immigration rule which are separate from West Malaysian it self. The effect of it brings the rule on this:

      • Sabahan can head to west Malaysia without passport.
      • Sarawakian can head to west Malaysia without passport.
      • West Malaysian can’t head to Sabah and Sarawak without passport.
      • Travel in between Sabah and Sarawak need passport.
    This is to prevent people from West Malaysia to stay in Sabah & Sarawak or in between Sabah and Sarawak. And also prevent people from work in Sabah and Sarawak. So as of that people need to have passport to travel to Sabah and Sarawak to control people movement. The days of using passport to travel have been change with immigration department improvement. Now days IC can act as passport to travel to both state but with limitation on staying in both place. To make this more easy, the chip in IC have help many Malaysian from west Malaysia to travel more easy as of people need no have to fill in form. Just retain the receipt from immigration officer.


    With thing changing now, people in Sabah and Sarawak can enter Brunei with IC only as what Brunei and Malaysia government agree with.


    But as always there is a lope hole on this system. When Labuan been given to the federal government, Labuan is assessable by west Malaysia with out using passport, then from there people can move free from Labuan to Sabah. But they must leave Sabah using Labuan.

  9. Look at what I have found on my job street account.









    • Responsible for developing strategies to improve international revenue through enhancements of MH fare product offerings, distribution approach and other related process enhancement.
    • Responsible for constant review of published, unpublished, incentive and e-commerce industry practices to coordinate process, policy and product changes.
    • Conducts large-scale, product type review of fare restructuring and distribution trends to ensure revenue optimality.
    • Track and report on all online pricing and inventory activities on a day-to-day basis.
    • Develop revenue strategies for all accounts and serve as the day-to-day revenue Management contact for the other MAS departments and stations.




    • Degree in quantitative discipline such as Finance, Economics, Science or any related field
    • Good communications skill
    • Malaysian citizen, between 24-30 years
    • Ability to work as a team
    • Ability to think, plan and execute work independently
    • Candidate must be resourceful, have initiative and meticulous, pleasant disposition with good interpersonal skills and dynamic
    • Well versed in MS Office applications, specifically MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
    • Must have a good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia
    • Must have good written skills in both English and Bahasa Melayu
    • Mature disposition with the ability to work independently and possess strong leadership qualities
    • Fresh graduate are encouraged to apply



    If you are interested in working in an environment where leadership, excellence, initiative, and knowledge are amongst our core values, then we welcome you to explore the opportunities at Malaysia Airlines.



    For those who want to joint Malaysia Airlines, this is your chance.

    Adrian M I been hear that you are searching for airline job. Quickly take this oportunity. :clapping:



  10. call for 03 is only charge on local call if you call around klang velly except those in KLIA or Kuala Selangor as they are also in the region of 03 but they are away from centre more then 100KM a part...(Technically for TM exchange point.)


    For house phone. So klang Velly people call 1-300 or 03 is the same rate.

    For Hp, call to 1300 or call to 03 is the same rate as 1 county 1 rate, if you are not on those plan extra charge apply.



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