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  1. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing, Tsen Tsan. Hope the local spotter community will get a chance to get all the four birds before they leave Thai.
  2. Oh I see. so QF operates that many flights into SIN. Very bouncy kangaroo indeed. Nice pixs, Hoe Jyh. Er Did you also get any shot of HS-TLC?
  3. Nice shot of Xanadu, Simon. Is that her normal arrival time? Does she operate regular service into KUL? Thank you. PS Wonderful smoke on LH
  4. 26/7/08 Thai's A345, HS-TLA, operated TG414. She is pictured taxiing via North Cross to 20C for departure.
  5. How about a BR 763 shot taken on 12/12/99? Beautiful Jade8, KC and thanks for sharing spotting timings.
  6. Great catch Andrew. Thanks for sharing. btw, do you have any shots of BR B763 taken on 12/12/1999? Thank you.
  7. Li Ren, Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I was on board. Teoh, Thanks for your reply. No, I am not a crew of Eva Air although that is one of my preferred airlines. They no longer do TPE-PEN-SIN. Are your pixs posted online?
  8. Dear fellow spotters, Did anyone spot and happen to take any photo of Eva Air B767-300 in SIN or anywhere else on 12/12/1999? ( I know its way back) It would have been in SIN around 1350-1450 and 1755-1855. Thank you. Fablee Mods: Not really sure if I posted the thread in the right place. Please accept my apologies if I did not and help move it to the correct place. Thank you.
  9. Nice pixs, Hoe Jyh. Especially like the AK . Hope more are on their way.
  10. Magnificent ramp shots, KC. Glad to see you back on mw and in style too. Thanks for sharing.
  11. What's the rego for the CX B773ER? Thanks.
  12. Hi Simon. IS RM4.2K the best price in Malaysia for D60? Did you compare prices or did you just buy it without comparing?Where did you buy from? Thank you.
  13. My heartiest congratulations to Malaysian Wings on the occasion of its 3rd anniversary. Certainly a unified group brimming with solidarity . PS Nice mineral water, Chaity. Is that from Carrefour?
  14. You can see the pride Lion has in its B739 from their calling card
  15. Great catch Bob of Lion B739ER. They are pretty proud of their latest toy. Hope LFF or LFG comes calling at PEN next.
  16. Bob, wonderful catch of A332 MH1138. Guess the load factor must have jumped suddenly that day.
  17. 19/6/2008 According to CX schedule, CX711 tdy is operated by 77W and the same a/c will operate the rtn flt CX714 tmr. I am not aware of any last minute changes.
  18. 15/6/08 Thought I would post an update of VM upgrading. Gates D32 and C13 back in use as of today (18/6/08)
  19. 11/6/08 Had the chance to get some pixes today of WMKP. A reassuring sight when you should smell smoke----- I finally saw with my own eyes the selective tinting and its effect on my arrival a/c Fortunately there was still the original condition section of the transit area from which to get these shots Finally a personal appeal: Did anyone get SQ192(9V-SVH) landing on 11/6 or SQ191(9V-SVF) departing on 15/6? Thank you.
  20. Thanks for info. Anyone booked on flts already? 18/06/08 Gates C13 and D32 back in use as of today. In fact, BA parked at C13 yday.
  21. Bob, the smoke creates excellent ambience. Is that a regular cargo flight from Narita?
  22. Greetings. Did anyone get the departure of SQ191 (9V-SVF) today?
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