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  1. Beautiful Kiwi Bob Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great catch of sunlit lavenders, Bob
  3. Thanks Simon. I am not totally certain but seems that's it for this year. Cheers.
  4. 1/10/2008 SQ's newest A388, 9V-SKF, operates SQ637 today arriving from Narita.
  5. Thanks, KC and Hoe Jyh, for sharing such beautiful pixes. Thought I would share these two: 28/9/08 9V-SRK On climbout SPH-Bird 2 birds performing formation flying. Never knew bird could fly higher than SQ 744 Could the little bird be the one that TTT mentioned earlier? Apologies as quality limited by light, wx and cropping.
  6. 20/9/08 Here's Nancy (VH-OQA) operating QF6008 TLS-SIN-SYD.
  7. Beaut shots of Nancy, guys. Thought I would add a video of Nancy (VH-OQA) overflying the sea towards Changi Beach. This was taken before I started taking stills of her. Here it is
  8. Beautiful shots KC. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Striking livery, Bob. Thanks for sharing. And yet another piece of news: CX will be operating B744s into PEN on Tuesdays effective 28OCT. Always nice to have something new to shoot! You will get another chance to shoot the ex-SQ 744s in CX liv this time.
  10. Andrew, beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing. Xu Yong, A9-CEO a rare subject. Nice shot. Thanks for sharing.
  11. My personal favourite CX load factor must be fantastic to warrant a 773 deployment. Great shot, Bob. Glad to see you back in action.
  12. TTT, Particularly like your USAF jet and SP. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Beautiful SRE liftoff, Simon. AK in wonderful light. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Nice and sharp shot of Baim Airlines rotation, Simon. 1st time saw a 90 degree rotation
  15. Thanks for sharing, Raymond. Is that the new Citibank corporate jet? PS what lens did you use for this shot? Was this at max zoom setting?
  16. Nice pix, Hoe Jyh. Did you try zooming out in this position to include fire? Old c/s still better than no c/s IMO which wd have been the case if the weather had not held. Great to see a TG 744 after so long at SIN. TG, now that you have discovered C15, do park there more often.
  17. Here's my 2007 shot of her http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=5929698&nseq=6 Cheers Fablee
  18. 16/08/08 Lavender operated CI668 to Kaoshiung tdy. She parked at gate D34.
  19. You must be on holiday. Ensure you do the other Singapore things- eat and shop beginning with T1 Canteen.
  20. That looks like LHR Welcome to Changi, Sandeep G
  21. 2/8/08 Saw this green jet tdy. Pardon the IQ but this was a drastic crop shot from VM. Does anyone know who owns this jet? Thank you.
  22. 02/8/08 While spotting today, I noticed that runway 20R was closed to landing traffic from around 4.45pm-5.15pm. To me, this was unusual as 20R would normally be open for landings during this period. I would appreciate it if you could share the other timings today that runway 20R was closed to landing traffic (that you observed during your spotting today) Thanks a zillion.
  23. 1/8/08 Hey! little bird TG403 ops by A345 tdy. PS Watch out for those engines (all four of them)
  24. Thanks, little bird. Glad you din fly too near an engine
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