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  1. Welcome to Singapore, Simon. Terminal 1 Viewing Mall level 3 is the place. For runway view, get a room at Crowne Plaza hotel. Go to Sim Lim Square for cameras and memory cards.
  2. Thanks, Walter. Yeah I agree about that grass bit. When I was at KLIA 3 yrs ago, I remember how excited I was to see even part of Hibiscus, parked w/o the nose.
  3. 8/12/08 Panda operated the a.m flight from gate E3 T2. Just returned to SIN so can only post now.
  4. Sorry to bother you but watz the rego of AK Bank Rakyat jet? Oso are rumours of a BATA shoe liv justified? Thank you.
  5. Beautiful pixs , Kian Hong. How much did you pay for 100-400L in Perth? Is Canon SX1 IS avail there? Thanks.
  6. G'day. Does anyone know the a/c type and rego of tdy's CX717? Thank you.
  7. Ibrahim, thanks for your reply. Just to check my understanding. So according to the above, once you start shooting, you don't need to change focus even though subj to camera distance changes. Will camera compensate for distance changes then? Thank you.
  8. Cute video, Ibrahim. Thanks for sharing. Did you have to adjust focus continuously while shooting? was this a HD video? Thank you. 1st time I saw little bird flying faster than 734
  9. Beautiful Amsterdam shots, KC. Thanks for sharing. When did Tamron stop flying into SIN? Thank you.
  10. Beautiful catch of Srichulalak, Bob Great light, one royal boat and mountains. What more could one ask for?
  11. Beautiful Melaka, Bob. The best of airport viewing gallery spotting. That's one eminent reason why I love spotting from airport viewing galleries.
  12. That's a beautiful shot of CX B744, Bob. Surprisingly its not an ex-SQ a/c considering that CX bought quite a few 744s from SQ.
  13. Hi Simon. Beautiful Bank Rakyat business jet Is this the latest AK liv? Will they send it to SIN?
  14. Simon, HS-TGJ and HS-TGO, the two RB B744s, were repainted into new Thai liv sometime ago. TEK is the only RB left.
  15. Thanks MIR. Hope you get her in better light in Perth.
  16. 25/10/08 Royal Barge HS-TEK ops TG404 tdy.
  17. Hi Sneeze and Kevin. Just want to thank you for posting real time (timely) info of the deployment of B-KPF as CX739 today. If only I had checked MW at 11.47 I am sure the SIN spotters share my sentiment - we appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks again. Be glad to return the favour if SQ should ever have special liv again.
  18. Wonderful shots, KC esp BAH2. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Hi Ignatius. Any idea when the seats on MME were changed to colourful onesl? Thanks for sharing.
  20. Beautiful lavenders Hoe Jyh. Thanks for sharing.
  21. India? Didn't know that was a popular Finnish destination.
  22. Bob, what is the routing of the Finnair charter B757-200s? Thanks.
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