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  1. Maybe it is not upgraded yet..i'm suspecting its from 9am - 12am, but not 12pm..
  2. MH only codeshares with partner airlines on certain sectors only. MH can sell KUL/AMS/OSL etc because the codehare agreement includes marketing the sector, why dont MH sell KUL/AMS/JFK. I wonder why there is no people would have an idea of creating an new alliance again..eg with EK, EY, China Eastern, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Aer Lingus, Virgin Group, Alaska Air, and more..maybe it would be just a dream
  3. I think the permanant LCCT will be somewhere next to the new statelite building..those like boxes on the far lower right of the plan. The new phase of satelite buidling has made little modification by combining 2 satelite terminal buidling into one. And when capacity tops, the additional arms (gates) of the building will be built.
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