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  1. Well, I believe MH has now modified / compromised on snek-boks contents from it's original concept. More importantly, we don't hear of those patronizing 'this is healthier for you' and dodgy '94% approval rates' themed spins anymore

    So, at risk of being overly flattering to our own MW "keyboard warriors" team, I will opine that MH does listen to us :)


    Indeed, MH do listen to passengers, but not the ideas we are discussing here. Modifying/compromising SNEK boks is a tip of the iceberg. There are millions more stuff needed to be rectified, eg.


    a. IFE

    b. Presentation of Food

    c. Ground Service

    d. Consistency

    e. Marketing

    f. and many more.

  2. Hey guys.


    It's not about criticizing here or giving constructive ideas. The problem is...whether Malaysia Airlines know our grievances or not! All the Mwingers should play a more proactive roles just like what the NGO for public transport did. They gather all the information and members and started up a association and attended some big events out there. Check out Transitmy.org. It's the matter of whether MH Listen to us or not...

  3. Hi there. I would like to ask a question regarding the A.net search engine. For almost a month, I've trying to use the search engine. However, the search engine only displays results that were posted last on August 8, Titled :RE: Cathay Pacific Posts H1 FY08 Loss Of US$85 Million. I wonder it is my browser problem or its the search engine problem.


    Your reply is much appreciated. !! :yahoo:

  4. I dont mean to protect or glorify Malaysia Airlines.


    There is much we have to doubt about the reliability and the transparency of Skytrax. They seem to be very biased and certain airports/airlines are overated and some airlines are underrated.


    I dont mean to protect or glorify Malaysia Airlines.


    There is much we have to doubt about the reliability and the transparency of Skytrax. They seem to be very biased and certain airports/airlines are overated and some airlines are underrated.

  5. Commission to improve public transport



    JOHOR BARU: The proposed Public Transport Commission is intended to make the public transport system more efficient and connected.


    Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said that currently there was confusion over who had jurisdiction over public transportation projects.


    He added that at present public transport came not under one ministry but 13 different agencies, including the Transport Ministry.


    For example, he said, matters pertaining to the light rail transit or monorail was under RapidKL, which was owned by the Finance Ministry headed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


    “The Transport Ministry’s role is that of a regulatory body. This means that if the service does not meet the mark, then we have to bear the brunt,” he said.


    Later in Putrajaya, when asked to comment on Malaysia Airlines’ move to increase its international fuel surcharge by 25% to 80% to recover some of its fuel costs, Ong said MAS did not need the Government’s permission to increase prices and fares but would have to take into account the risk of losing passengers by doing so.


    Ong also said AirAsia would continue to operate from KLIA’s low-cost-carrier terminal in Sepang, reiterating that it would not be allowed to fly out of Subang despite its repeated requests.

    The Cabinet had decided that large planes would not to fly to and from Subang airport anymore, he said.


    “There were many other reasons for the international airport to be moved to Sepang and there is no change to the decision,” he said.



    *This should be the way*

  6. I think SkyTeam is not ready to have 2 members from the South East Asia region (a situation like SQ and TG in Star Alliance). Therefore only who get appointed as a member first will succeed. The latter will be refused membership with such and such reasonings. As I highlighted in the SkyTeam thread many times, VN is the darling of AF (of course historical relationship between France and Vietnam is playing a crucial part here), I don't think MH stands a chance after being turned down since 2006. The recent news about AF acquiring some stakes in VN will put VN in a more favourable position as compared to our sad MH.


    This maybe your own personal view, so it doesnt mean that ST is having the same view as yours.


    Agree with you, after VN joined ST, it is unlikely ST will accept MH as MH couldn’t add value to ST. Which also mean, in time to come, SGN will overtake KUL in traffic.


    While everyone else is improving and growing, and we are falling behind. Wonder when will the gomen abandon the ignorant ‘malaysia bodoh’ spirit and revert to proven, tried and tested conventional economy theory and business model :( :angry:



    In terms of network and also partners with ST airlines, MH is still a stands a better chance.

  7. Well if it does make money, the least thing they can do is changing the equipment to A320 like they do with SGN. They may make money, but the problem is how much? It may just simply like what others said, the yield simply lower than other destinations.


    Lower yields or higher yields are all speculations as there are no official results from JQ or Qantas Group. If JQ intended to slash KUL just like what BA did, they wouldn't want to make any promotions or roadshows to promote the new route. JQ has relatively small fleet and with the 787 delay, JQ is badly hurt. Moreover, A320 cant fly direct from SYD to KUL and if they are to divert the direct route to SYD-Darwin-KUL, they may have not enough passengers or low yields. I still belive that KUL may one day be JQ Kangaroo route transit hub as KUL stands a strong chance to be one of them. I believe JQ will return once they receive their 787.

  8. Most probably. You should see the amount of passengers waiting to board CX aircraft at KLIA. CX is definately enjoying a good load on their KUL/HKG sector. So i suspect it is the same for MAS since KUL/HKG is a joint venture route.


    KUL/HKG is performing extremly well on both CX and MH. I'm a frequent KUL/HKG flyer and i noticed that Econ class is always 80-95% full and J class is around 90-100%.

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