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  1. Update on the Boeing 747-8I. Korean Airlines order 5 frames, being the 2nd customer of this aircraft type (excluding VIP orders) after launch customer Lufthansa. Aircraft be delivered between 2013 to 2015. Good news for Boeing and the 747-8I programme. More information on flightblogger, flightglobal.com, airliners.net, etc. Cheers! CT
  2. Baby Boeing 737 - if MAS can order upto 55 B738, so can I.... Just placed an order for 1 with Bro Azuddin with the possibility of another 54 to come.... Hahaha.... just kidding... Yeah, another Boeing to my little family..... Congrats to MAS and Boeing again..... Chris!!
  3. Been splashing around google news for the last 1 hour: " KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — National carrier Malaysia Airlines has agreed to purchase 55 narrow-body aircrafts from the US-based Boeing for 9.6 billion ringgit (3.0 billion dollars) a news report said Monday. The Boeing 737-800 series costs about 70 million dollars each but Malaysia Airlines, being a bulk buyer, could receive a discount on the price, The Edge Financial Daily said, citing sources from the industry. It said the national carrier would probably seal the deal for the Boeing planes, ending months of speculation on which plane manufacturer it would choose for its aircraft acquisition program to replace its existing fleet. The airline opted for Boeing due to technical reasons, the report said. It said the planes would also help Malaysia Airlines achieve record profits under its recovery plan. It broke back into the black last year. The French-based Airbus last Thursday had also submitted an updated proposal to supply the airline with about 50 narrow-body aircrafts -- A320s and A321s -- for a list price of about 70 to 80 million dollars each. Malaysia Airlines is expected to make an announcement on the deal soon, an official told AFP. " Seems like the baby can hold its turf against the A320 family...
  4. EAD/Nothrop Grumman - A330 platform Boeing - (Modified) B767 platform On a separate note, Malaysian Sun quoted that EAD/Northrop won several days earlier in the week when there was still no news.... definitely "Malaysia Boleh"....
  5. While I favour Boeing - I have nothing against Airbus or EADs..... But this was one project I was hoping to see on the 767 platform.... What a lousy way to start the day..... sigh.... (Un)Cheers..... Chris!
  6. It really seems to be the case for MH and I suspect likewise on moving to an Airbus fleet... So far, most of the Boeing orders for the Singapore Airshow (as of today) are from Garuda for the T7 and Lion Air for the B739. I really wonder what Lion Air is going to do with more than 150 B739 in the fleet.... Anyway, what is of more interest to me now is the US Air Force tanker bid..... fingers crossed for the 767 platform... Cheers!
  7. There is a lot of speculation that the bulk of the 737NG will be for MH.... who knows!?! An extract from Bangkok Post and the link http://www.bangkokpost.com/020208_Business...b2008_biz36.php (how reliable is another story).. "..Mr Idris said the carrier planned to announce its decision on fleet expansion by the end of this quarter. It reportedly plans to acquire about 110 new aircraft as part of a long-term overhaul. The plan includes 55 wide-bodied long-range aircraft and 55 narrow-bodied medium-range planes _ estimated to cost up to $14.3 billion..." Hopefully MH will buy some baby Boeings.... as (quote, unquote from another source)... “It would be a breakthrough for (Boeing),” Tony Fernandes, chief executive officer of AirAsia Bhd, which runs the region’s largest low-fare airline AirAsia, said over phone. “They haven’t had a 737 order in a long time (in this region).” Cheers! Chris
  8. Name: Chris Tan Age: 34 Occupation: Accountant Camera lculator: Canon WS-220TS (Tax & Business 12 digit) - don't play play Location: Kuala Lumpur, KLCC area (one of the (cheap) condos around the area)
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