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  1. B-18358 A6-EYZ D-AIHL
  2. VIP's greeted on arrival Trophy escorted in an LV case Preparing the trophy for unveiling Standing guard over the trophy The trophy at last
  3. Thanks , your perseverance finally paid off...
  4. Chaity, thanks for the Hello Kitty, this is for you RA-85778 RA-73004
  5. First two from Anjung tinjau, last one from ladang...
  6. Thanks... No, idea... but saw it on the radar and went to SZB around 4+... she did a touch-n-go, missed-approach an a RTO.
  7. Dedicated to Uncle Pieter and all our dutch Mwingers PH-BFC
  8. Haha... Thanks Chaity, btw thanks for the "sick" air dedication too. Thanks... seems like KUL is getting a bit busy with specials...
  9. PK-LHY Probably the closest we at KUL will get to see a "dreamliner" for the time being... B-18210
  10. Thanks guys . Ramani, it was just sheer blessing, thanks in part to Yong...
  11. Uncle Pieter, it was taken at 128mm. Thanks... G-ISLF G-LCYN HB-IYV HB-JGA
  13. Thanks for the info Capt. JA654J
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