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  1. anybody spotted MH8620 arrived 8pm today? 747-400 9MMPQ iirc due to canceled flights by fireflyz...
  2. very confusing advert.. can someone confirm that airasia assign seat for all pax?
  3. hi, there are new immigration counters built in CGK, all passenger feed to that counters i think. things i dont like, peak hours mean slow q there, prefer the old one as one row of counters for one check in area.
  4. hi, heard that MH introduced hot meals in snack box. just came back from BKI, did the BKI-KCH using MH (9 august 2008, 0905), unfortunately only got 2 small bun (tuna croissant, and round bun that i donno wat da filling), together with orange juice, and lots of peanuts. 1st time using that route, just curious, MH dont serve snak box on that route eh?
  5. good if living in indonesia, can choose either GA, lion, sriwijaya, mandala, etc... there is only MH and AK here, so little choice, little experience....
  6. helo.. just wanna ask someone who know, how about QZ performance in KCH-CGK route? will fly them on 1 may, afraid dat i have to lepak in coffee bean for another 3-4 hours.
  7. aih, after focus city on drug traffickers, now source of terrorism pulak.. there must be somebody wanna sabotage klia, after sabotage in general election..
  8. hi steve, wanna to ask u, how can we buy that thing ha? can be found aroung kl?
  9. hi, i found a photo in airlines.net dated 2001. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Northwest-A...C-10-30/0139101 if cant view, just search in airliners.net lor..
  10. no vacant lav after having 10 cups of orange juice, and plane is about to landing. curious to know whether we got snekbox or hotmeals. wondering if subway hotdog still available and u are seating 2nd row from behind. is it consider scary things?
  11. waduh2, kok jadi forum indonesia ni, bakallan gamat.. siapa mudik jakarta dari kuching? apa ramai?
  12. Name : Mohd Fuad Rosli Age : 20 DOB : 15 october 1988 Occupation : 2nd year medical student Hobby : Travel, watch aircraft, watching air traffic, read medical books, read trip reports... Gear : BenQ (i doono wat model but i bought it rm700 last year)
  13. aiya.. MH ticket among the most expensive.. every time i go to a travel agent to pretend to buy tickets to europe and us, MH is the least chosen one.. 'encik nak g london? sy check dlu emirates,encik nak naik MAS kah?'
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