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  1. Actually 6 A330ceo are leased from BOC by AirAsia X Group -: 9M-XXV, 9M-XBC, HS-XTF, 9M-XBA, 9M-XBB and 9M-XBE (which second hand).
  2. I hope MAB will phased out non-BSI first cus MAB need to reduce the negative perception of products and services by passenger on narrow bady aircraft. Boeing 737-800 Non-BSI 01. 9M-FFD 02. 9M-FFE 03. 9M-MLD 04. 9M-MLE 05. 9M-MLF 06. 9M-MLG 07. 9M-MLH 08. 9M-MLI 09. 9M-MLJ 10. 9M-FFF 11. 9M-MLK 12. 9M-MLL
  3. Malaysia Airlines Berhad **Boeing 737-800 (Boeing Sky Interior Cabin)** 01. 9M-MXA 02. 9M-MXB 03. 9M-MXC 04. 9M-MXD 05. 9M-MXE 06. 9M-MXF 07. 9M-MXG 08. 9M-MLM 09. 9M-MXH 10. 9M-MLN 11. 9M-MLO 12. 9M-MXI 13. 9M-MXJ 14. 9M-MLP 15. 9M-MXK 16. 9M-MLQ 17. 9M-MXL 18. 9M-MLR 19. 9M-MXM 20. 9M-MXN 21. 9M-MXO 22. 9M-MSA *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 23. 9M-MSB *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 24. 9M-MSC *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 25. 9M-MSD *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 26. 9M-MSE *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 27. 9M-MSF *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 28. 9M-MSG *not have overhead life-raft compartments, non-ETOPS aircraft and first full PIP (Performance Improvement Package) aircraft 29. 9M-MSH *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 30. 9M-MLS 31. 9M-MSI *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 32. 9M-MLT 33. 9M-MSJ *not have overhead life-raft compartments and non-ETOPS aircraft 34. 9M-MXP 35. 9M-MXQ 36. 9M-MXR 37. 9M-MXS 38. 9M-MXT 39. 9M-MLU 40. 9M-MLV 41. 9M-MXU 42. 9M-MXV 43. 9M-MXW 44. 9M-MXX 45. 9M-MXY Which Malaysia Airlines Berhad - MAB Boeing 737-800 (Boeing Sky Interior Cabin) aircraft will phased out due of network reducing that began in late August?
  4. Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) Routes by 01 September 2015 - From/To KLIA Domestics 1. Alor Setar 2. Johor Bahru 3. Kota Bharu 4. Kota Kinabalu 5. Kuala Terengganu 6. Kuantan 7. Kuching 8. Penang 9. Langkawi 10. Bintulu 11. Labuan 12. Miri 13. Sandakan 14. Sibu 15. Tawau Asean 16. Bandar Seri Begawan 17. Phnom Penh 18. Siem Reap 19. Denpasar 20. Jakarta 21. Medan 22. Yangon 23. Manila 24. Singapore 25. Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi 26. Phuket 27. Hanoi 28. Ho Chi Minh North Asia 29. Beijing - Capital 30. Guangzhou 31. Shanghai - Pudong 32. Xiamen 33. Hong Kong 34. Taipei - Taoyuan 35. Seoul - Incheon 36. Osaka - Kansai 37. Tokyo - Narita South Asia 38. Dhaka 39. Bangalore (Bengaluru) 40. Chennai (Madras) 41. Delhi 42. Hyderabad 43. Mumbai (Bombay) 44. Kathmandu 45. Colombo Australasia 46. Adelaide 47. Darwin 48. Melbourne 49. Perth 50. Sydney 51. Auckland Middle East and North Africa 52. Jeddah 53. Dubai Europe 54. Paris - Charles de Gaulle 55. Amsterdam 56. London - Heathrow From/To Kota Kinabalu 1. Kuching 2. Labuan operations on ATR 72 aircraft through MASwings 3. Sandakan 4. Tawau 5. Shanghai - Pudong 6. Taipei - Taoyuan 7. Tokyo - Narita 8. Perth From/To Kuching 1. Bintulu operations on ATR 72 aircraft through MASwings 2. Miri 3. Sibu operations on ATR 72 aircraft through MASwings 4. Singapore
  5. KUL - Frankfurt KUL - Istanbul KUL - Hanoi KUL - Siem Reap Maybe..........
  6. My opinion.... MAS now should revive the strategy on this KUL - Amsterdam, KUL - Frankfurt in term of product and service because KLM and Lufthansa much better.. Furthermore, some of professional analysis opinion MAS should go A380 on KUL - Amsterdam route rather than KUL - Paris to get the traffic of transit pax into KUL before they continue flight to aussie, nz, asean and north asia. MAS should consider temporarily suspended the KUL - Istanbul route and go special code share with Turkish Airlines on KUL - Istanbul route. MAS should consider restart KUL - Zurich route to get the traffic of business and transit pax from Zurich.
  7. 1. Statement From MAS Group CEO To remove its 10 remaining B734 aircraft, which will be phased out by the middle of the year. MAS will also retire two B777s by middle of the year and the remaining 13 by 2018, which will enable it to have a younger fleet with an average age of three years. "We will also not be axing any more routes after Los Angeles." Resources from http://www.btimes.com.my/Current_News/BTIMES/articles/20140219003254/Article/index_html 2. Maybank Investment Bank Research MAS is reducing its wide-body fleet by two aircraft in 2014 and zero growth in 2015. This means that MAS will have to cut one-to-two long-haul flights from its network. Resources from http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2014/02/18/MAS-forecast-to-post-core-net-loss-of-RM101bil-for-FY13/ Very2 interesting...!!! huhuhu
  8. MAS should shut down First Class product.. Just focus Business Class and Economy Class product..
  9. Malaysia Airlines B737-800 Sky-Interior Using CFM56-7B26E Engines and ETOPS Certification Aircraft 9M-MXA 9M-MXB 9M-MXC 9M-MXD 9M-MXE 9M-MXF 9M-MXG 9M-MLM Leased from BBAM 9M-MXH 9M-MLN Leased from BBAM 9M-MLO Leased from BBAM 9M-MXI 9M-MXJ 9M-MLP Leased from BBAM 9M-MXK 9M-MLQ Leased from BBAM 9M-MXL 9M-MLR Leased from BBAM 9M-MXM 9M-MXN 9M-MXO 9M-MLS Leased from BBAM 23/092013 9M-MLT Leased from BBAM 24/10/2013 9M-MXP 18/12/2013 9M-MXQ 14/01/2014 9M-MXR 31/01/2014 Using CFM56-7B24E Engines and Non-ETOPS Certification Aircraft 9M-MSA 9M-MSB 9M-MSC 9M-MSD 9M-MSE 9M-MSF 9M-MSG 9M-MSH 9M-MSI 9M-MSJ
  10. Maybe... But I think the most reason MAS axed MEX is due low demand, timing and usage of aircraft and slow economy growth in MEX
  11. WITHDRAWS DESTINATIONS BY MAS First period of unprofitability between 1996 - 2004 Cairns Darwin Brussels Vancouver Zagreb Munich Balikpapan Makassar Padang Pontianak Tarakan Vientiane Mexico City Davao Zamboanga Busan Madrid Chiang Mai Hat Yai Honolulu Second period of unprofitability between 2005 - 2010 Chritmas Island operated by MAS Charter Vienna Manama operated by MAS Charter Chengdu Guilin operated by MAS Charter Xi'an Wuhan operated by MAS Charter Cairo Ahmedabad Kolkata Fukuoka Nagoya Kuwait City operated by MAS Charter Macau Cebu Stockholm Zurich Kaohsiung Manchester New York Third period of unprofitability between 2011 - 2012 Buenos Aires Bandung Surabaya Yogyakarta Rome Beirut Karachi Dammam Cape Town Johannesburg Dubai
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