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  1. www.digitalairstrip.net has now launched Phase II of the site which now allows members to upload photos as well as videos. If you have any relevant photos or video's that you would like to submit, we would appreciate your support. Cheers David.M.
  2. G'day Liam, Yes, I was being a tad sneaky about it all. We really wanted at least one video to get the ball rolling. So.. are you going to sign up?? Thanks to those of you who have signed up from the forum. Looking forward to seeing some videos from Malaysia etc. Apoligies for not having KUL in the list at present. We are trying to obtain some more comprehensive airport data. It should be added soon. If anyone notices any other missing or incorrect airports, please feel free to contact me through the site. Cheers David.M.
  3. We have launched a new website to help the aviation spotting community find locations where you can view aircraft arriving and departing from airports accross the globe. For more information please visit www.digitalairstrip.net and start sharing your video's and feel free to share the URL to any other spotters. The website works in conjunction with YouTube and Google Maps to provide users with accurate locations and a video sample of what you may expect to view from that location. I hope you all find this website a useful tool when visiting different airports around the world and even those airports in your own backyard! At this stage board member Clarke Peninton from Australia is our first registered user and has kindly uploaded two video's from Sydney. If you would like to share your video's from Malaysia and abroad please feel free to join. Cheers David.M.
  4. Thanks for the Kudos guys. I haven't been to this forum in a while and just read this post. A great plane to photograph!! Cheers David.M.
  5. Hi guys, Thanks for the comments. It was a fantastic morning!! There were plenty media including alll the major television channels who covered the event. It made the top stories of the day and MH was plastered all over it. More shots for you all. Cheers David.M. www.davidmorrell.com - Digital Aviation Photography
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to post to let everyone know that 9M-MRD made a special appearance into Adelaide today, to mark the opening day of service for our new MUIT. The aircraft was saluted by water cannon and arrived at the gate at 06:15 local time. It heralds a new era for South Australia as the Malaysia Airlines aircraft was the first passenger service to use one of the new glass sided aerobridges. Well done to Malaysia Airlines for utilising this special schemed aircraft on a special occasion. "Freedom of Space" with water cannon salute! Cheers David.M.
  7. The reason the aerobridges aren't used, is because the terminal is not yet operational. The first flight as mentioned previously will be the MH flight from KUL on Saturday the 15th of October. On that note... does anyone know if MH will be bringing in the "Freedom of Space" 777 or any other special schemed aircraft for the occasion? Maybe the hibiscus schemes?? It's a long shot, but I think it would be great publicity for the airline... I know I'll be there as part of the media covering the event for a company in the US, and that's just me! A couple of shots from the open day too. Cheers David.M.
  8. Some great pics on here... Too hard to pick my favourite.. but favourite of this week is this one. edited to reduce file size Cheers David.M.
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