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  1. I dont know which dates you keyed in but the "new" Economy lite fare you quoted there was the old normal economy fare that came with free 25kg checked luggage. MH should at least offer a notch lower for the economy lite fare as "headline" fares
  2. An investigation is also done to understand how the event had happened, not just to determine what had happened - if this was not already known.
  3. What had actually happened? The news articles seemed to be doing their best to suppress info on how the accident happened. It was a Bombardier 9M-TST (Berjaya Group) left wings leading edge that struck the vehicle. Did the aircraft land when the vehicle was on the runway?
  4. Yeah, what do those folks at Bloomberg know?! Come to think of it, we do keep hearing about Sabah and Sarawak joining Malaysia ...
  5. .... years after shutting down that hilly place adjacent to 32R threshold...??? And how about addressing the elephant in the room? That rickety train connecting the two buildings ...
  6. 7hrs in a narrowbody at LCC-esque seat pitch! Yikes!
  7. The crispy rendang version of a Langkawi traditional dance?
  8. Yup. Mere confirmation of my suspicion that Josh Cahill tends to exaggerate the truth and his feedback/ reviews should be taken with a tonne of salt The tabloid-ish headlines of his videos are another giveaway
  9. Does the new DPS int'l terminal facilitate easy airside turnaround? Have only experienced same plane turnaround in the old terminal and I caused quite a bit of chaos as they had to open a locked gate - and many people were sent looking for whoever had the keys - to do everything airside.
  10. A lot of the younger and young-looking cabin crew on MH these days are greenhorns. Very rough around the edges. It seems that they were not trained as well or as much as the previous generations or simply lack the finesse and motivation. Some lacked patience, some unfortunately appeared to have left their brains at home and tend to look clueless. MH had let go too many of the good and experienced ones. If you want good service these days, go for the older ones.
  11. I noticed that FY codeshares on almost all (or all?) MH-operated flights. What is the strategic reason behind doing so? Why would anyone buy an FY ticket to fly say, PEN-SZB and then connect to KUL-HKG? Does anybody know the real reason behind introducing the FY codeshares?
  12. Frankly, he's just dying for attention. Crumbs leftover on seat .... ooo, it's the worst flight on my life. Omelette not to my liking (whilst flying Y) .... the worst flight of my life. Faulty headphones ....I'm never going to fly MH ever again Not getting attention from a cabin crew .... worst flight of my life... onboard wifi too slow .... I will die before I land in LHR Just sayin.. And, if MH was to make a donation of its own choosing .... what if MH changed its mind and decided to make the donation to an orphanage instead. It is after all, its own choice to decide...
  13. Saega Airlines ... the rebirth ...(not that it was properly given birth to earlier)
  14. Have they abandoned the name change to Batik Malaysia? What were the hiccups?
  15. I think there are also a number of MASwings Twin Otter positioning flights all this while - especially between MYY and BKI, but probably less glaring that this latest example.
  16. There are a number of non-BSI fitted MH 738s ...
  17. Long lines at IAD are using during the bank of afternoon arrivals from Europe. The mornings tend to be relatively quiet.
  18. I think thats a steep price to pay for an upgrade. And the upgraded booking class is I for India, not Zulu.
  19. I dont doubt you but am curious why Msians were employed but not locals. There are many Filipino maids with degrees for example.
  20. There is no security screening after immigration at MTB. That is customs screening - but I see your point of it being almost pointless. It is so very easy to avoid it altogether if one makes the effort.
  21. I bet you those standards explicitly exclude the condition and reliability of the inter-terminal train ...
  22. I dont think it was re-opened after the first intrusion. Anyway, it is up and running again with some backlog
  23. The so-called MoU in the very first place existed only because of politics. That crook Najib had to offer something to Trump during his visit - so that little Malaysia can help the US of A become great again. Just listen to what Najib had to say to Trump about MH buying lots and lots of Boeings. It was nothing more than a promise to consider buying some 787s, which is probably the truth. It wasnt even a promise to buy. A real order was in all likelihood at least still a couple of major steps away. And then, theres the issue of financing ...
  24. So LHR loses BIMAN to some intermediate destination? And no more LHR to NYC by KU and AI?
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