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  1. Interesting to note that the double daily out of KUL is actually on a Tuesday.
  2. I dont think any pax will unknowingly check-in at the wrong counter. I cant imagine how that can even happen. A Saudia flight counter checking-in a pax for an MH flight to CGK? 🙂
  3. More like the shareholder placing its guy to act as the internal liaison person to deal with Morgan Stanley whom the shareholder had retained to work on MHs future ownership direction.
  4. My friend only had praises for her and thought that she was such a gem of a cabin crew! If only many of the local cabin crew were even half as good as her ... Real top-notch service from the heart. She could easily outshine even some of the best SQ crew working the first class cabin, was how my friend described her friendliness and attentiveness. Well, for the record - MH did make one correct decision - to hire and keep her.
  5. Does anybody know if MH still employs Japanese or other nationalities as its cabin crew? A friend told me that she bumped into a South African stewardess working on MH 737 flights very recently (And her service was reportedly quite polished and very good!)
  6. Reminds me of Royal Brunei Merpati Intan ... that collapsed after the fatal crash near MYY...
  7. I dont believe there is catering uplift from DPS, but there is uplift at CGK. And with the larger PTV screens in the A330 business class seats, high yielding pax can now also watch with enhanced clarity a movie or two, and maybe squeeze in a third one before landing if the plane needs to do circles due to bad weather over the destination airfield.
  8. BKK and CGK get the full tray service for quite some time now. PNH, DPS, BWN etc still get the mealbox treatment.
  9. MH does not notify pax of equipment change but only seat change if already preselected - which in many cases usually denote some equipment change for that particular flight
  10. Why would MH notify you of equipment change if, as you had described, you had just bought the ticket and the equipment was already a 332? Anyway, MH never advises equipment change but only seat change if this has been preselected.
  11. Arent such machines already in use at T4 Changi since the terminal commenced ops?
  12. Everything breaks down at one point or another. A plan may go awry at anytime as many things go beyond ones control. It is the quality (or lack there of) service recovery effort that differentiates the very good airlines from the just-OK ones.
  13. KJT ... in the middle of nowhere, north east of Bandung. Almost as far from BDO as Jakarta is.
  14. The analyst having a wet dream ...
  15. That second security screening at the gate - is that for all gates or certain gates for flights to places like the UK, US etc? Really odd to have two layers if you were heading back to KL from, say the UK. Contrast that with DOH, where you may not even need to go through security at all in DOH if transiting in DOH having arrived from, say, LHR and you are not bused to the DOH terminal from the aircraft.
  16. It has caught me too - several times as that advert seems to appear every few months or so. Not a recent phenomenon.
  17. On PEN-LGK only tickets, the typical cabotage policy in Msia (and in many other countries too) will prevent that from happening.
  18. Right. Sure. And the whole of South Korea only has Incheon airport. I think one (better) measure is to compare the airport taxes in USD terms for all the various airports multiplied by the pax throughput. This gives you a back of the envelope estimate of how much one type of resources the manager has had.
  19. BA is one example. The lite fares with hand luggage only apply across the board, with FFP status or not. But apart from that, other FFP status perks apply.
  20. How will that work onboard? More work for the crew then?
  21. MH should not make it a nasty experience like AK but follow how BA does it - if you can lift the baggage by yourself and it fits the overhead bins, its fine! And BA has a weight limit of 23kg per cabin luggage (and theres no typo in this sentence.)
  22. Not really. It is not that long a trek as you can take the train from the "middle station" near where The Bridge is.
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