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  1. Daniel! Haha the 9M-AFW nicknamed the " Flying C***** " hehe. Nice pic!
  2. Will she still be operating it to PEN for today only or for a period of time? Bob nice catch!! of the A340!
  3. Hi! Had a wonderful spotting trip to PEN via KUL on the 28th of Feb . Before I begin sharing my selected pictures during our spotting session. Let me first thank Wilson Loh, Sofian and Yusoff for the hospitality and assistance. Its been great spotting with you guys! Plus the Weather was perfect for spotting! Wilson! the pictures you shot too sharp ar?? hahahah Lovely rotation! Thai Airways Close up! EVA And a very very common subject back home! None other than the SQ777-212ER To be continued.. Editing
  4. to continue. Heli Display in the afternoon at DMK. to continue.
  5. A picture to share ! 19th Jan 2009 KLM 777-206ER @ Changi Business Park
  6. Some close-ups to share F-5E and F-16 Royal Thai Airforce C-130 taxing past the crowd ! Basler BT-67
  7. Hi everyone!! Pictures of SQ380 Singapore Airlines Charity Flight. Was at costal rd today. Lots of spotters!! Some all the way from Spain(Iberian Spotters grp). At 0817 hours, Lots of cars parked along Costal Rd! And lots of kids too! More on the SQ A380 to come!! Enjoy!
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