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  1. I've worked for a few airlines in a Reservations capacity so I can answer a few of these questions... Correct. Whether the passengers need to approach a transfer counter or not depends on whether the airlines in question have an Interline E-ticket Agreement (IET) and Interline Baggage Agreement with each other. Some airlines can also choose not to check passengers all the way through even if an IET exists, depending on circumstances. International to International does not require any security/immigration checks. Passengers can just transit gate to gate. Obviously, there is still document checking and bag screening at the boarding gate. Domestic to Domestic is normally the same. International to domestic and vice-versa will require immigration checks.
  2. That is an awesome story. If I were Richard Branson, I would arrange a meeting with this kid, check out his drive and consider making him my prodigee...
  3. Also Jetstar has SIN-DRW-SYD. It won't be much cheaper than the legacy carriers, but if you're feeling adventurous
  4. Eric C


    Photos taken by Dean747, from the Australian Aviation forum "The Aussie Aviator". Anyone with any info on purpose of visit? (18/04/2009) Source 1 Source 2
  5. I guess Phil is wondering if a microburst could be the cause of this latest crash. It was certainly the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this incident. I see a few Australian newspapers say it could have been an engine-related accident.
  6. I think it is the right decision. Given the choice between unpaid leave and heavy staff lay-offs, I think most would willingly agree more to the first option. It does present its own problems though.
  7. Hi guys! The Observation Decks/Viewing Malls in SIN, HKG and KUL are before immigration, yeh? Just making sure as I am heading over there in January and just want to take a look
  8. Anyone know if this only applies to exit row seats? Or do we have to pay to pre-book any seat within a flight now?
  9. Yeah this is very strange...the Australian Press seem oblivious to what had happened. They are normally very quick to sweep on any emergency landing that happens on Australian airports.
  10. Actually I disagree. For light starter you would pick between: -Corn Flakes with milk, or -Granola with Milk Reasoning: I have never heard of cornflakes eaten without milk... For the main course: - Pick baked/soft-boiled/scrambled egg - PLUS choice of [Veal Sausage] or [Ham] - PLUS tomato and mushrooms Reasoning: This is a continental breakfast we are talking about... (And I think the red box is blocking a comma [,]) As well, tomato and mushrooms alone doesn't make for a very hearty breakfast And you choose between butter, jam, marmalade or honey to put on your bread roll. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the "Thirdly" picture: You put a mixture of the ingredients on top of the Melba Toast/Cracker(biscuit) then squeeze lemon over it (French cuisine I presume) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the second picture: You cut the cheese and it on top of the water cracker and enjoy! (Known as cheese and crackers in Australia) Hope I enlightened you guys on a little more about western style dining
  11. Sydney Kingsford Smith Melbourne Tullamarine Townsville Intl Brisbane Intl Kota Kinabalu Intl Kuala Lumpur Sepang Kuala Lumpur Subang Labuan Singapore Changi Bahrain Athens Frankfurt Main Cos (one of the Greek Islands) Katowice (Poland)
  12. Pardon me, it looks absolutely disgusting hope they don't try anything like that here across the tasman. Yes Denny, something like that would be awesome, the original design isn't too bad either.
  13. If there are then it would be for the best I suppose. If they can please all of us, then they can indeed please EVERYONE.
  14. Well said! MH has built an identity of "award winning crew" based around the instantly-recognisable MH in-flight crew and their Green Kabayas. Looking out at the arrival hall in Sydney Kingsford Smith, I see all kinds of uniforms...from the formal suits that Australian, British and American crews wear, to the mixed uniforms of Arabic airlines (characterised by stylish headscarfs) of Arabic airlines such as Gulf Air and Emirates, right through to the traditional Asian uniforms of Singapore and Malaysia. Each airline has built an identity around their uniforms, and Malaysia is no exception. But as BC said, we'll have to see if the executives come up with a campaign that can justify the change in uniform.
  15. You must be kidding me! I understand that modernisation has it's price, I think that there is too much to lose if they are going to completely change the colour of their Kabaya. The green kabaya is as much associated with MAS and a kangaroo is with Australia (or the Eiffel Tower with Paris). The green kabaya has been with MAS through the good times and the bad. The constant winning of cabin staff awards is a testament to this. To get rid of such a well known part of MAS is just ridiculous. Why fix something that isn't broken?
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