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  1. You guys are lucky to have made your trip in the end. no matter what. A colleague of mine who booked tix from Firefly from Senai to Penang and return in October got a call from Firefly telling him that the flight has been cancelled!
  2. Airasia getting A350? Go here for info: http://twitter.com/tonyfernandes
  3. Too good to be true la, in my opinion!
  4. Does this apply to ALL Airasia flights or only Airasia X flights? Are hot seats the ones in red?
  5. Was at LCCT last 28/11. Busier than Pudu, if you ask me! What low cost? Know the price of the burgers at McDonalds there?
  6. Lim ML

    Air Asia

    Thanks for the tip, Li Ren. I'm now downloading the clips and am gonna be playing them to my heart's content! And you are right. The culprit is Real Player. Or should I say "saviour"????
  7. Lim ML

    Air Asia

    HELP!!!! Anybody got any ideas as to how to download the TV3 videos???
  8. And Malaysia gets blamed for 'accidents' involving Qantas! The cheek!
  9. I wonder if it's the same 1 that I used to take from Tomanggong to Sandakan??
  10. Capt Radzi, can you tell me why is it that the ground crews don't allow passengers to take photos of the planes after they disembark? I can understand why if we are in the midst of boarding BUT why not after we disembark?
  12. The Education Department of Johor doesn't allow travel on other airlines other than MAS. I once asked the officer in charge the reason why when AK offer cheaper fares and she told me it's the directive from the Ministry. But then, JPNJ (Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Johor) is well known to interpret circulars the way it fancies! Malaysia (in this case, Johor) Boleh!
  13. Very much doubt they wanna commit Hara Kiri! Or Kanan, for that matter!
  14. In today's The Star, it is said that TF is coming up with sub-Zero Fare in the next few days. Maybe they are thinking of paying us to fly Airasia? Don't hold your breath on this!
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