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  1. You never know, you might just be right. As it is,it is still unclear whether they are planning to built a new airport or just a terminal.
  2. First the Twin Towers and now the Twin Airport, you are on to something there.
  3. Hopefully something will be done before something bad happens.
  4. At least the economic turmoil then managed to prevent the ridiculous plan from becoming reality. The present credit crunch doesn't seem to bother our politicians much. Maybe they know something that the rest of the world doesn't.
  5. There should be a law that against politicians uttering the word "airport".
  6. The ATC now struggles to handle traffic coming into KUL especially during peak hours. Equipments need to be upgraded and the ATC's have been saying this for years and yet sufficient fund is not forthcoming. Now they want to build another airport so close to KLIA? Somehow in Bolehland we shouldn't be surprised and the only wonder is it's not build in the constituency of Rembau.
  7. Heard rumours that MH is looking at the A330-300 enhanced version which comes with a higher take off weight and longer range. The attraction I believe is that the waiting period will not be as long as other types since slots are available due too cancellation from other airlines.
  8. As usual something doesn't feel right about this decision. Making matters worst is that nobody is asking questions about this and as usual the mainstream media is awfully quiet about it. I'm afraid this will be another waste of resources.
  9. Bravo Firefly. Now waiting for MH to follow.
  10. With the present financial situation, no surprise really.
  11. I heard AK's Captains are earning more than MH's Airbus Captains. Of course their workload is way higher.
  12. That is true but what I meant was the level of automation and the way the A330 flies. Saying that any aircraft will be great if you have the chance to experience the simulators.
  13. If you guys have a choice, choose the A330, it'll make the others seem like Atari going against the PS2.
  14. I'm no great fan of Tony but why not? Every great human achievement start with a dream and if that is his dream, good luck to him I'll say.
  15. SIA may have opted for a different location for the crew bunk so they probably didn't have the same problem. Anyways EK is the A380 biggest customer so Airbus would surely try to please them any way they can. Furthermore I don't think they are being fussy as the inflight rest is a very important part of long haul ops so they have the right to ask for the best possible condition for them to take it.
  16. Maybe QF has to go for a "mandi bunga" session.
  17. Maybe there is a prize for being a "news breaker". Anyways that was a pretty good "out of the box" thinking from the Qantas crew.
  18. On the way to TGG maybe the Hajj flight can make a detour to Kerteh to pick up passengers.
  19. A few things can contribute to crew fatigue. Just looking at the rest period before their duty is insufficient. The whole roster must be taken into consideration and also the time of the flight. Doesn't matter how long you rest beforehand if you are flying through the night you will get sleepy at one point or another. Rostering also must be looked into to see if the crew have been overworked or maybe working to their limits.
  20. Same old story repeated over and over again.
  21. I think the "No way AA-BA" slogan on the fuselage has been done a few years ago. It worked then if I'm not mistaken so he's doing it again.
  22. Just like in real life, there are all kinds.
  23. Don't know when you did your training but for the past 2 years MH A330 fleet has been following Airbus procedures almost totally except for some items that are considered company procedures.
  24. Looks a little messy for me and cheap..... maybe that's the point.
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