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  1. One thing to remember is that although you might get a cockpit visit inflight at the discretion of the flight crew, it is actually a big risk for them. Let's say another passenger (or even any cabin crew) saw that a non crew member enter the cockpit, he/she can rightly question the event and lodge a complaint. Worst case scenario will be a sacking for the tech crew. A Qatar Airways captain was sacked just because a cabin crew reported to the company that the captain was standing at the cockpit entrance with the door unlocked and there was a passenger nearby.
  2. Nobody really knows for sure about the seats and cabin and yet people are complaining about it already. Let's wait until we get actual pictures or reports then it's fair to fire away.
  3. "to prevent over-landing" quote one of the government official. What in the world is an "over-landing" anyway?
  4. Not really perfect I don't think. Just to get the -900ER to do those sectors is not really feasible as the whole idea of getting the ER is to go longer anyway. Another thought, on a flight 6 hours or longer, would you fly a wide body, twin aisle aircraft or a narrow body single aisle aircraft? Unless MH is considering new routes and destinations which suits the 737-900ER than they'll probably stick to the -800s for the time being.
  5. 5 A330-300s and 2 A330-200F are scheduled to arrive this year.
  6. That Hawaiian aircraft was a B737-200. Not really a problem for AK at the moment because of the young age of their fleet and I don't think they plan to keep any of their planes for too long anyways.
  7. If that's true than it seems TF doesn't want competition which I find a little bit ironic.
  8. Not necessarily so as runway 15 is preferred no matter what runway is in used at WMKK. That is unless the the weather especially the tailwind component necessitates a runway change.
  9. WBGG is also notorious of having rubber deposits on the runway and the authorities have usually been quite slow in doing anything about it. Another factor to consider probably.
  10. The answer is when runway 20 is in use, STAR LELIB 2B; LELIB-JB-ALFA-BIDUS then expect radar vector for runway 20.
  11. There won't be any training for the new A330 as the the old A330 rating is still valid. Any differences will be covered in the crew base checks.
  12. A bit too premature too judge methinks as there are a lot of questions to answer. Just talked an AK pilot friend of mine and he mentioned quite a few interesting stuffs. Hopefully DCA will conduct a thorough investigation so that lesson can be learned no matter how hard TF is trying to downplay the incident.
  13. It will be interesting to know the traffic information during the time of the incident such as if any other traffic had been holding or diverted. There is a general feeling that AK seem to take a bit more risk when landing in bad weather especially during their early days. There were a few incidents that I recalled, BKI and MYY comes to mind but it is also thought that AK has improved safety wise in the past couple of years. Fortunately there was no fatality in this incident and hopefully it will be a warning and lesson to all that landing in bad weather is a very serious matter. Safety must always come before schedule and $$$.
  14. The A330-200F's are not included in the 5, so MH is actually getting 7 new A330's in 2011. First destination is confirmed to be BNE.
  15. Maybe from Alor Gajah to Batu Berendam, Huge airport...
  16. The simulator buiding (FCTC) but you'll need a pass card to get inside.
  17. ETOPS requirement on the CPT-EZE route renders MH's 777 unsuitable I believe.
  18. To be more accurate picture #3 is a Flight Training Device or FTD and has recently been called an APT too (Airbus Flight Trainer). It is used as part of simulator training where concentration is mainly on Standard Procedures and FMGS work. There will be 6 or 7 sessions on the FTD after which the trainees will move on to the Full Flight Simulator. It is located at the former briefing room that faces the conference room in the Flight Crew Training Centre at SZB.
  19. 30 to 40 minutes into the flight and they were still over Malacca? One heck of a slow flight methinks. On a more serious note, anybody know if AK's A320 can't land overweight like the A330's since they had to burn fuel before landing?
  20. There's always one in every forum, just ignore I'd say.
  21. Actually 7 slots were given, MAS got 3, Air Asia got 3 and Transmile got 1. However it seems AirAsia is asking for the last slot to be given to them rather than Transmile.
  22. I think we are missing the point here a little bit. Is it MH or the government that is denying AK's requests? MH can say all they want but if the government say otherwise than there's nothing much MH can do. If the government for whatever reason wants to "protect" MH, do you honestly think they"ll refuse? I would say thank you very much myself. We all know the government works in mysterious ways . Another thing, to say that AK has been victimized is also not accurate as history has shown that they have benefited from decisions made by our lawmakers. Just a thought, when AK ordered all those aircrafts did they honestly thought that they will get whatever they were going to ask for? Again knowing our government, that's a pretty reckless assumption unless they had hedged their bets and it is not really paying like they thought it would be...
  23. The boy next door has got all the big and shiny new toys so I (we) should have a few too...
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