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  1. Not only it's not normal, it's also not legal. They must have sent a pair of pilots at least a day earlier. ( Free ride on MH in the spirit of the CCF perhaps? ).
  2. I don't think you can put the blame entirely on MAHB in this matter. It seems they did just fine with the projects in KCH, BTU, MYY etc. There must be other reasons why the BKI project is in such a mess and I think we know why too. The airport is actually a safety hazard and let us thank the professionalism of all the pilots operating into BKI that nothing untowards has happened until now.
  3. The runway and taxiways in BKI is a huge mess, what normalcy is the minister talking about?
  4. That's what I heard from the inside too, the only difference is that they're paying the airport tax only. This is only one of many reasons why the unions and associations are objecting the CCF.
  5. An audit of Flight ops and training was recently completed by present members of Oneworld, seems MH passed with no problems. One step closer to joining...
  6. I believe the management had decided last year that 2 aircraft was sufficient but MAS Cargo disageed, something about not wanting to be penalized by Airbus. Since Etihad had agreed to take the aircraft this must be some sort of a compromise.
  7. Just heard the latest rumour that MH will not be taking the fourth A330-200F as expected. The aircraft will be taken by Etihad instead.
  8. I think all new aircrafts have teething problems, not just those in the 00's. The only difference is that the internet was not as it is today where anything that happened, people will know about it instantly.
  9. I meant to say the A380 actually.
  10. Doesn't look out of place on the A330, does it? Maybe an option for the future perhaps.
  11. There goes one of the best nighstops on the A330 fleet.
  12. I heard the wau will be all blue. It seems the colour red is reserved for another.
  13. The deal to sell the Training Centre was considered done until a last minute intervention from flight ops and training department.
  14. Good student but with evil intentions, like Tom Riddle (Voldemort).
  15. Holding north of KUL for traffic sequencing more likely.
  16. He's feeling a little threathened perhaps?
  17. There are some truths in point 7 too.
  18. Hopefully they'll bring whatever was good in Air Asia into MH. There are some troubling rumors coming out from the training department though.
  19. The flight to OOL is at least 8 hours long and normally 1 hour before landing the pilots should have completed their approach briefing already, so no question why they shouldn't be mentally ready for the non precision approach. Anyways the report was for flying below safe altitude and not the approach procedure itself, you can only speculate why they did what they did. One tend to think that they were trying too hard to land the aero plane, schedule before safety. My hope is that I'm totally wrong.
  20. Trained properly there should be no problem landing at a non ILS airport. A Non Precision Approach on the A330 is almost as simple as an ILS Approach. Mr Azran is actually insulting his pilots by saying that. Maybe training just to the minimum standard is not good enough.... Have you done a sim check with any airline recently? Don't be to quick to generalize.
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