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  1. Which aircraft will be doing the Mumbai sector I wonder?
  2. Properly trained, yes. At one time or another there are plenty 26-27 year old captains in MH on the 737 fleet. As the old saying goes, if you're good enough you're old enough.
  3. 9M MTG is expected to depart at 1600 TLS local time. Flight time 13.05 so expect the aircraft to arrive shortly after 1pm local time in KUL. Last few details and preparation are being completed at the Airbus delivery Center at the moment.
  4. To further lower expectations, the first class offering is not even on par with the first class on EK's 777. On a slightly better note, the much criticized GCC cabin on the A330 seats will be refurbished, full flat seats will be installed I believe. Together with an increased MTOW version and fitting crew bunks, ops into Europe and maybe NZ are being considered.
  5. The A380 departed TLS at aound 9pm local time. Other than the pilots and engineers, AJ and Danny will be onboard. Arrival should be around 1530 to 1600 pm in KUL. One word of advice for those waiting for the "official" unveiling of the interiors, DON'T get your hopes up too high or you might be really dissapointed. You have been warned!
  6. Expect the first A380 to depart on the 28th of June, arriving KUL on the 29th.
  7. Insider info. However with how things keep changing better not bet your house on it.
  8. What a huge mess. Couple of things I don't understand, MH Engineering has all the expertise, infrastructures, spares etc but why the need for a JV? What will or can AK contribute in this matter? They can always enter an agreement for maintenance of their aircrafts and get a good deal along the way. The other one is training, in the almost done deal, MH was supposed to sell off their training facilities to CAE and in the JV will only get 10% of the share of the new training venture. Again here, MH is the one with the most simulators, trainers, facilities etc. This matter is far from being resolved I'm afraid and there are still plenty of stuff that is not public knowledge. What a huge bloody mess.
  9. As of last week, the A380 will do daily MEL starting November (morning departure ex KUL). The A330 will then replace the 777 on the SYD route.
  10. When the Unions and association went to see the PM last February, do you think they put the hatred of TF as the reason why the CCF should be cancelled? It took them a long time to be able to see the PM and it is laughable to think that they would not have prepared properly for it. Ask any staff of MH and you can can ask them how after more than 8 months they can see that the CCF only benefits one side. How convenient was it to have the head of Engineering, Finance and Sales to be ex-AK just when they have plenty of aircrafts due for heavy maintenance and looking to open new routes? Training department was almost lost too but for some last ditch effort to save it by Flight Operations and training. As you mentioned, you are an outsider my friend.
  11. Before the flight they've already got all the weather info from the Met office.
  12. Never knew there was a 744 ER.
  13. 1. Engine Fail/Fire ! 2. Aviate Navigate Communicate 3. Carry out abnormal checklist ( 1 engine fail is not even an emergency on the 744). 4. CRM and Decision- Return, Diversion, Continue etc 5. Inform and liase with ATC 6. Performance calculations- Landing speeds, distance etc 7. Set up the FMC for arrival 8. Approach briefing 9. Fuel dumping if required 10. Along the way inform cabin crew (nature of failure, time to land etc) 11. Inform pax (PA). Make the announcement too early and someone will probably complain why the hell the crew are not doing their duties!
  14. It happened inflight so the MEL doesn't apply anymore. The crew probably decided it is unwise to continue flying across the Indian ocean in the middle of the night without a servicable weather radar.
  15. They should make it similar to the 787 don't you think?
  16. Apparently so. Very difficult to speculate when dealing with management that change their decision everyday.
  17. Try jumping the slides then you can decide whether it's stupid or not. Anyways it was more of tongue in cheek reasoning, my bad for not putting a smilie or something.
  18. That's the only thing where there will be no flip flop.
  19. It sure seems like nobody really knows what is going on. That's why you have to admire TF and gang sometimes, their intentions might not be pure but they sure know what they want.
  20. In case of emergency and evacuation, it will be much easier to jump the slides (with children) from the lower deck which is lower and less steep.
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