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  1. No big deal really, as with any new aircrafts there will be teething problems. Made the news simply because it's the A380. A fuel pump failure in the air is also a minor problem, the engine would still run with gravity feeding of the fuel to the engines.
  2. The A330-300 wasn't meant for long haul. Up to 7 hours sectors it has no peers economically. That's why MAS is keeping it. Why they didn't upgrade the cabin together with the 747 and 777, only the wise men of the old management knows.
  3. The popular beliefs about how it handles turbulence is highly exaggerated. Nothing beats the 744 and 737 but if prepared properly it's not too bad. There is just the high level layer cloud that it doesn't like to fly within. HKG, PEK, PVG, IST, BNE, PER, DXB are pretty good nightstops stations. Just not enough probably.
  4. I wanted MAS to have the Concorde once upon a time. Doesn't mean they are a loser when they didn't get it.
  5. If you don't mind me asking, how do you know it's good? I know the 747-400 was good although a little long in the tooth now. Just curious, maybe you have an inside story regarding it's developement.
  6. Heard a joke that it's the cabin crew that filled the form favourably giving the 93% approval as it makes their job so much simpler.
  7. With Afiq here and a lot of it's crew love it especially the Playstation generation. The 747-800 is not even built yet so quite strange to have it as your favourite plane.
  8. The general believe is they would if they could but there are plenty of other factors to take into considerations...
  9. Never trust a survey that you can't manipulate.
  10. Deep down I think most people here love MAS, it's just that they are so hurt to see what MAS has become. And when you actually work for them , the hurt is even deeper....
  11. Agreed with Rozhan on this. The building may be old but it's got soul. All the new steel and glass airports feel cold and impersonal by comparison.
  12. Actually a firefly was killed when it was hit by the F 50 during it's emergency landing. According to a reliable source.
  13. At least the pilots and cabin crew will have something to do during their long layovers.
  14. No refurbishing had been done to any of the A330-300s. One of the many blunders of MAS management, I would think. It is probably too late now.
  15. Hopefully it's not the sign of things to come.
  16. Since the Proton merger didn't happen, I don't think this will either.
  17. Who wants to fly to MAA with MH on their ancient looking A330 cabin now? The person who decided to exclude the A330 from MH's last cabin upgrading is looking like a fool now although I'm sure he must have been rewarded with a promotion.
  18. MH is slow in making decision because everybody is busy trying to cut cost. Nobody wants to be the one who'll make decision to spend money in case it will affect their performance index even if the decision is vital for the long run. It's all short term thinking now.
  19. This is most probably just a rumour, but the again ... A320 or A321 in Sept 2008, probably leased for starters.
  20. A bit too eager to press on during approach in bad weather where as other airliners are more prepared to hold or divert. Just from personal experience.
  21. Good move on SQ's part. Should be law really.
  22. Why not? They've send people to space so I don't see why they cannot make good, safe aeroplanes. I do hope they'll give the established manufactures a run for their money in the not to distant future.
  23. Apparently PERTH is different from Perth.
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