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  1. KLIA wifi is so slow that it's almost hopeless. If you're anywhere near the Golden lounge at MTB then you can sit outside and use the signal emanating from there. It is much better.
  2. I think you are a little mistaken. The crew are not suppose to behave like they did no matter what kind of airline you are flying. I am sure the crew department does not condone this behaviour and any customer will have a right to complain.
  3. Want to operate out of SZB? Then use prop aircraft. Simple.
  4. Not paying airport charges is one way to keep the cost down. More than RM 100 million at the last count !
  5. Something new regarding the MH snekbox. There is a plan to introduce hot meals ( included inside the box ) in the near future. On a recent CGK flt 19 dishes was brought aboard as a trial.There will be around 38 dishes altogether before when this new offering starts although maybe only 3 or 4 choices will be available on any given flight. Examples of the dishes are nasi lemak, fried rice, fried noodles, a few variety of pizzas, waffles, pasta and many more. Can't imagine the portion will be too generous considering the size of the box but at least it looks much better than the much derided "sanwic". Something for the better perhaps.
  6. They build things as if they are playing with Legos.Just amazing.
  7. Pity Boeing still insist on using the control column. Nothing like having the sidestick.
  8. Years ago there was this one male custom officer who liked to "check" on the male crew undergarments when he is doing the inspection. Really gave me the creeps.
  9. I assume the landing was in KUL? Quite a lot of fuel unless it's an inflight return.
  10. There is one immigration staff who is wonderfully friendly and will greet you by your name and will make you feel so good coming home especially after being away for a while. His name is Zainuddin if I'm not mistaken and he used to man the crew counter but has since moved to the passenger side. Maybe someday you guys/gals will be fortunate enough to meet him.
  11. It's against the law to drive and use a handphone at the same time, I wonder if there will be a law against flying and using the handphone now?
  12. Way more than that I would think.
  13. Sikit keras but I agree with you Mr Imran.
  14. The 787 is not flying yet. It too has been delayed. Almost all new aircrafts are delayed and it is not exclusive to Airbuses.
  15. The cargo loads are very good on this sector which explains why the airbus is used for the night flight.
  16. No fuel pumps ? No problem, there is always gravity feeding.
  17. MMX if I'm not mistaken. I was there affected by the delay due to the runway being closed.
  18. The plane had suffered an engine failure and after a successful single engine landing the Captain decided not to take the risk of taxiing and making a 180 degree turn on a wet and slippery runway. So the they requested for a tow truck and was eventually towed to the bay.
  19. Correct, especially when facing bad weather. I believe in MAS at least the pilots are trained to be go-around minded rather than to press on to land.
  20. These things never came out in the open. AK's damage control dept is really out of this world !
  21. Soon to open at the LCC. ABC Physio and reflexology centre. Pakar sakit belakang dan lain-lain.
  22. 30-40 % ?. Over the Board dead bodies !
  23. I would think that your statement is a little bit irresponsible. True there are sons of GMs, Capts etc but most are there on merit. As in any organization there will always be some hanky panky going but you make it out as if it's the norm rather than the exception. Anyways things are not so rosy in pilot fraternity of the Red One ( especially the FOs ) as pointed out by Radzid.
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