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  1. #8 Line Abreast Loop - Diamond Twist Out #9 Opposing Rolls #10 Vertical Twist #11 Way of the Dragon #12 Mirror Pass #13 Twinkle Pass (I cann't catch a detail of #13) #14 Slow Speed Pass - After Burner Climb #15 Flaming Heart (I didn't like this sequence in afternoon cos it had many backlit with strongly Sun) #16 Curtains Operation Complete Clear to Land 21L In other side (show center at RTAF wing 601) had many many of people ther, this pic can proove that. Photograpic detail Main Equipment Nikon D50 with A mode @ around f/8 ISO 200 AF Nikkor 75-300 1:4.5-5.6 AF-S Nikkor 18-55 1:3.5-5.6 Support equipment โพยการแสดง Water (very much) Sun Block (badly I forgot it) Hat, Cap, Umbrella (be careful cos windy there) Hope you enjoy this show. -- THE END --
  2. Remark : This location exclusively reserved only for TG staff Super first class seat on the top roof of TG hangar. First class saet in front of TG hangar. BONUS!!! - Air Phoenix, a new airline in Thailand base at DMK. A show sequence for today. They will demonstration by 5 planes today cos no.04 was weak from hot weather. Take Off (with more smoke) #1 Delta Flyby #2 Twist loop #3 Swan Roll #4 Chevron Roll #5 Palm Split #6 Needle Cross #7a Half Cuban #7b High-G Turn
  3. Few pics from Thailand Spotters 1 pics for million of words That's true... (be aware from AOT patrol) from beach beach....
  4. From local BKK spotter side (like me) you are very lucky to catch MH & JL cargo. (Also B737-400 HS-HRH)
  5. try this : Queen's Garden Resort at River View http://www.queensgardenresort.net/ located near 19R approch
  6. This hotel located @ Donmueang Airport (old BKK)
  7. Most of year BKK use RWY 19 (mostly land on 19R), but 01 in the winter
  8. You will got something like this at that point :
  9. I know couple hotel near BKK airport - Queen's Garden Resort at River View http://www.queensgardenresort.net/ located near 19R approch - Grand Inn Come Hotel located alongside 19R runway http://www.grandinncome-hotel.com/ and more here http://www.thailandhotels24.com/suvarnabhu...gkok-hotels.htm
  10. Damage is on left wing only from picture in this topic : http://www.thaiaviation.net/forum/index.php?topic=554.0
  11. 31/08/2007 at Suvarnabhumi (with wingtips) 31/08/2007 at Chiang Mai (without wingtips after a little incident in front of TG Hangar at Suvarnabhumi) Just Landing Reverse A380 Domestic (just a kidding lokk like 747D from boeing)
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