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  1. 1) Normally ops RWY 19 in AUG (19R for arr & 19L for dep)


    2) Not sure about 01 from this hotel, but some spotters ever catch 01 dep from hotel roof before (with 70-300 or 100-400 )


    3) pls tell a hotel reception : you are Plane lover, reccommend room 415 @ building 1, only hotel guest can access to the roof. ( ref : http://www.plane-spotting-hotels.com/Bangkok.htm )


    4) For morning session this spot safest

  2. BTW, I'll be in Chiang Mai on 10 to 14 April for spotting as well as enjoying the Songkran festival, do you have any recommendation on spotting locations and security? I intend to take photos from a pedestrian bridge overlooking RWY36 final approach.

    Security at CNX strictly than BKK, not reccommend you to go to the bridge at rwy36 approch alone.

  3. 1) How is the weather in Thailand in May? (Sunny/Cloudy/Mixed)

    HOT & sometime rain in late afternoon.


    2) What runway direction would be used for landings in BKK & HKT in May?

    Normally 19 in BKK, 27 (hill side) in HKT.


    3) Is it possible to spot from the beach in HKT?


    You can but be aware for patrol cos a sign "no photo" located nearby.


    4) I understand that the hill next to the runway at HKT is good only in winters. Is there any other spot good for spotting at HKT?


    TG restaurant in the terminal is very comfortable & safe.


    5) Is it possible to hire a car (for sightseeing mainly) for the day and have the driver wait for you while you spot for a couple of hours?


    No need to hire a car in BKK, you can go to spotting area by TAXI or others public transportation.


    Any tips on the above would be really welcome. It would be good to meet up with the local spotters in BKK & HKT.

    Pls ctc to Thailand spotters members before your arrived.

  4. That looks really great! Are takeoffs from this runway at this position quite high?

    The question is - is it possible to get on the roof of the hotel witout problems? ... perhaps although you are not guest in the hotel? The position looks quite nice =)

    What about an evening position for spotting?


    This location (hotel's roof) only served for hotel's guest. But if you are not a hotel's guest, we have other place nearby for spot 19R approch (Not reccommend this spot for take off, too high). For the afternoon after we have lunch at good Chinese restaurant nearby we will go to other side, B) that you can see this spot when you land on 19R. Let's see on your right hand, this spot will appear in few seconds before your touchdown (located along the canal beside a/p)

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