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  1. Hardcore spotter.. What subject is that??? Possible for early submission
  2. Min Chun,do invite your friends from world over to join M'Wings
  3. Thanks you for sharing,Capt Attan..
  4. Isaac,why I can't get RM677/pax from KUL to TPE for the same leaving and return date??
  5. Checked the return air ticket of China Airlines depart from KUL to TPE and the best offer is RM777, D7's is RM723 and EVA is RM1103. Date: 12/10/09 21/10/09
  6. Must cockpit visit if they are in the office... Anyway,it prove that girl are capable to become a pilot
  7. Thats great,AK's direct flight from KUL to Chengdu is coming soon
  8. The actual Jetpod looks big compared to the picture below.Thanks you Goh for the spy picture
  9. Strive for the best,Min Chun and may your dreams come true..
  10. Are they telling TF that FY are ahead of AK ?..
  11. Icc,its quite far oo.Next,show us the food you had at TPE and MFM please..
  12. Nice shots on Taoyuan International Airport,Raymond..Anyway,how far is Taoyuan International Airport from Taipei ??
  13. After launching a profitable route which is KUL-TPE,I wonder why they don't fly to KaoShiung
  14. Hon Kit,different feeling ya when spotting in foreign country during winter ... 53 minutes to go,be ready..
  15. Excellent pix,Raymond especially the P2-ANC panning shots..
  16. Hon Kit,good catch of 9M-AFA.By the way,Silk Air rotate so early ??
  17. Ya.The best example was the Concorde which crashed at France few years back
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