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  1. According to today's SinChew Daily,President Hu will reach at KUL at 10Nov
  2. Li Ren


    Read this:This one's for the girls for more details on AK & D7's female pilot
  3. Congratulations Dato Tony and AirAsia for winning this award
  4. Next time his friends will shout 'AirAsia is approaching' when they see him from far
  5. Spotting inside the terminal while waiting at Chap Lap Kok International Airport Main dish for the day-->> 9V-SKJ China Eastern with black dot on the nose All Nippon Airways 9M-MRC as MH073
  6. Sorry for O/T: Anyone going to spotting tomorrow morning around 8am?? I will be on China Southern A320,hopefully you guys can take the pics for me as I will be choosing the window seat near the wings
  7. Thanks you Kaybin for the video Anyway,you use handycam to record it??
  8. Waiping,you come all the way from BKI for Thunderbirds,hope to see more pics from you.. Didn't ajak Louis along??
  9. So lucky that it didn't collapsed during landing.. MAS,time to replace the B734
  10. Nice one,Chaity.... Hope to see more GIF image from you
  11. Thanks you for sharing with us such a beneficial website...
  12. Topic has been started HERE
  13. Congratulations MIR..Your picture of Boeing C-17A Globemaster III is top viewed at A.net for the past 24 hours
  14. Good try Chaity on the GIF picture...Anyway,put more frames la as two seems not enough
  15. Uncle Norman,great shots of the SIA in Star Alliance livery Ian,luckily you wasn't there,if not,the cicak will be your 'toy' of the day
  16. Nice smoky landing shots,Chaity....
  17. I also can't see any image.
  18. B-KPF;that is AWC.. PEN spotter,wake up early tomorrow
  19. Thanks you for the updates and here's the video..Porsche 911GT3 rocks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duOlJa5Vjdo
  20. Excellent pics,Azahan... First time to see lady spotter in action
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