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  1. Thanks you CB for the info.. Btw,hows the cost of living at SXM ??
  2. I plan to go too.Most probably by 'flying' bus from MKZ to SIN
  3. Bob,memorial pics you got there. Btw,where are you heading to??
  4. Uncle Pieter,from Malaysia to SXM, which airlines (cheap tickets) or route will you suggest ?? And also,hows the cost of living at SXM ?
  5. Thanks you CB for sharing it with us. One word to describe-Paradise where you can enjoy yourself at the seaside while seeing variety types of 'pretty girls' and also drying up your body with those jet blast
  6. Nice head shots,Samuel.. Anyway,what is the operator for the aircraft behind your Bo Lok shots??
  7. Sorry for the wrong image Moderator,please help me to remove it..Thanks you
  8. Three dead till now according to Yahoo China R.I.P to the deceased crew
  9. Great shots,Waiping ..This livery for sure better than the Lat livery. A.net A.net A.net
  10. Waiping,how come you stay at TPE for just few hours??
  11. Color of CX One World pics is sharp...
  12. Waiping,pics of the jumbo please
  13. From the departure hall,walk straight till the end and Anjung Tinjau is somewhere above the Aerotrain Station Click HERE to view the map
  14. Thanks you for sharing,Aiman.
  15. Ibrahim,when you will be back in action??
  16. When I board 9M-MRC on 23 Oct,there are no foot rest at all,maybe they have removed it even earlier.
  17. Official site for One Malaysia KC,after reading this article,hope that you will be more clear on 'One Malaysia'.
  18. I suppose they have no reason to skip their class
  19. RM60mil approved to upgrade Sultan Azlan Shah airport IPOH: Work on extending the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport runway and upgrading the terminal building will start next year. Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the Cabinet had approved RM60mil for the two projects. He said the runway could now be extended by 200m from the present 1.8km apart from the airport terminal being upgraded. This would allow the airport to attract more budget airlines within Asean to fly there, he said. Currently, only Firefly offers flights from here to Singapore daily. "Our surveys showed that Perak hold immerse potential as a tourist destination. "With the extension, we hope other budget airlines will be attracted to use the airport," said Ahmad Husni Saturday. Speaking to reporters after a ground-breaking ceremony for a market at the Tanah Hitam New Village in Chemor near here, Ahmad Husni, who is also Tambun MP, said work on extending and upgrading the airport would start next year. On another matter, Ahmad Husni said elected representatives had also been roped in to ensure projects under Budget 2010 were carried out. "The Yang Berhormats can also write to the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister if projects in their area are facing problems," he said. Najib was reported to have asked his ministers to closely monitor projects under Budget 2010. The Prime Minister wants the 160 projects listed to start according to schedule as this was the commitment given by the Government to the rakyat.
  20. llgaz,the pics you uploaded couldn't be display
  21. Congratulations Kianhong,you pics is currently the forth runner up in A.net..
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