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  1. Kanehoshi,can I know what is the 'robot' which is fixed on the rooftop??
  2. 1)Ramani - 6th Feb (arr AK0719 06feb KUL-SIN, dep AK0718 06feb SIN-KUL) 2) Pieter - 7th Feb (arr 3K0556 06feb SGN-SIN, dep 3K0555 08feb SIN-SGN) 3) WaiPing -6th Feb (arr AK6273 05Feb BKI-SIN, dep AK6274 07Feb SIN-BKI) 4) Vivek - 2nd & 3rd Feb (arr IT29 30Jan BOM-SIN, dep IT30 04Feb SIN-BOM) 5) Vu Loc - 6th Feb (arr VN741 05feb SGN-SIN, dep VN740 07feb SIN-SGN) 6) Ashmil - 6th Feb (arr TR453 06feb -KUL-SIN, dep AK0722 06feb SIN-KUL 7) Sofian - 6th Feb (arr TR453 06feb -KUL-SIN, dep 3K 687 06feb SIN-KUL 8. LW Wong - 5th Feb (arr 3K684 05Feb KUL-SIN, dep 3K685 07Feb SIN-KUL) 9. Gavin - 3 - 5th Feb ( arr Transtar Solitaire 3Feb KUL-SIN, dep Transtar Solitaire SIN-KUL 5Feb ) *** If all goes well 10) Nik Farid - 6th Feb (arr TR453 06feb -KUL-SIN, dep AK0722 06feb SIN-KUL 11) LiRen-6th Feb (arr 05Feb MKZ-SIN, dep 07Feb SIN-MKZ) via PLUS Highway
  3. Awesome pics,Kianhong,just like what we saw through our eyes
  4. D7 too will be flying to Sydney,Seoul and Hydraba most probably in next year
  5. All the best and looking forward to hearing good news from you
  6. Thanks you Gavin..I think it is impossible to crash that plane unless you did it intentionally. I think it is impossible to answer every question as there is too many things to concentrate on. Btw,you tried it??
  7. Too concentrate on the 'games',so didn't notice you...After the games,ends up with both sweating hands. Setup quit okay but it is better to play it in dark
  8. I saw you yesterday too You did go inside the room today during the test??
  9. Hope the situation will be better after the published of this news on B.Harian
  10. They looks new because of the paint and actually they are old and ageing
  11. Congratulations´╝îHon Kit
  12. Good luck to M'Wingers who took part in this competition
  13. If bunch of them sit at the tail section,I am afraid that the aircraft will experience tail-strike
  14. Good good..Let me work and earn enough $$ first
  15. Wilson,the wings badge on the top right boarding pass also being given away as souvenir ?? Can you please enlarge it please..
  16. Thanks you CB for the info.. Btw,hows the cost of living at SXM ??
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