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  1. Seriously,the Vietnam Airlines' Skyteam livery doesn't looks good compared to others..
  2. Thanks for sharing it here with us,Flee... Amazing zooming sound from the SQ380
  3. Iggy,I have no problem viewing Flee's Qatari
  4. Li Ren

    BKI 2010

    Iggy,it comes from the word 'go astern'..Try to speak go astern for 10X, and you will get gostan
  5. I guess Wong swithced on the chinese input software while typing the sentences.. **But for me,I see it's in English
  6. HonKit,9M-AFA has no flag on the top part of vertical stabilizer
  7. Sorry sorry as what I stated above is not clear and misleading. What I am trying to say is the cadet pilot who injured in this mishap has only three flying hours and he is a closed friend of my ex-roomate who is now training in APFT.
  8. The pilot only has three flying hours.
  9. The two fan blades are missing
  10. Welcome to M'Wings.. Anyway,I think you missed THIS thread
  11. I was born in Sentosa Hospital, Jalan TAR
  12. Great pics,Walter. Anyone will be going for spotting tomorrow at about 3.40pm??? Datuk Walter will be on the Xanadu flight to Stanstead. Try to spot him from the same place
  13. To be exact,the place is Jalan Cerdik,Taman Connaught. It is quite near to the Wednesday pasar malam
  14. The left one is Yong, middle is KC Sim ????
  15. Chaity, you killed two birds with one stone
  16. The best moment for me was the left turn which reached -1G. If not mistaken it was a T-50
  17. See youguys tomorrow.Hopefully it won't rain.
  18. Thanks you for the info,KC Sim..I have planned to be at Changi MRT before 8am to avoid the crowd
  19. Dear all,I need some help here. May I know how to go T3 Arrival Leval Coach Stand from Changi MRT Station?? **(T3 or T2 nearer from Changi MRT ??)
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