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  1. Li Ren

    BKI 2011

    Waiping,great catch of the A321
  2. Li Ren

    BKI 2011

    Good catch of the ERJ,Waiping
  3. Capt Radzi, we didn't meet any bulis as we parked our car at the Cowboy Town and walked to the 'ladang' in order to avoid attention of bulis..
  4. Ian,we heard you from the receiver..
  5. Have a great time with you guys yesterday. Once again, Happy 6th Anniversary MW And for those who are spotting at SZB,do have a great time there
  6. Ah Ong,can I know the direction to Cowboy Town please?
  7. I will be joining you guys after 1pm as I have to go Desa Park City project site before that.. Can I know the location for afternoon/ evening spotting ?
  8. Did some calculation.. KUL-MFM-KUL is 4951.6km Each passenger paid RM 8437.50. Means 1km= RM1.7039/pax With RM1000,you get 586.88km which is from KUL-JHB-KUL
  9. Not confirm whether this is really done by Weststar Aviation's B732 or they just use its picture.. KUL-MFM-KUL charter flight cost RM 236,250.00 for 28 pax, around RM 8437.501 for each pax Source Hope you find it useful
  10. 1) Uncle Pieter 2) Loc (VNAS) 3) Nguyen (VNAS) 4) Son (VNAS) 5) Ramani 6) Keisuke 7) Li Ren
  11. Congratulations Jon,it is now the first with 14354 views..
  12. Awesome pix kanehoshi featuring S,M and L for Vietnam Airlines
  13. Thanks Uncle Pieter and Walter.I booked early because there is promo by D7. Hopefully all goes according to plan
  14. Upcoming trip KUL-TPE , D7 376 , 1735-2225 (20 FEB 2012) TPE-KUL , D7 377 , 2325-0415 (29 FEB 2012)
  15. Saw Heritage Air parking at the gate when I passed-by MIA at 12pm just now.
  16. This is a Piaggio P180 Avanti II powered by PW PT6A-66B with a maximum cruising speed of 722km/h.
  17. You will see AK if it is Top 10 hottest airline pilot. There are lots of good looking lady FO & Capt in AK
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