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  1. Sorry for being out of topic.. Can i know Tiger Airways is origin from which country??
  2. hopefully they can Change the whole management team of MAHB AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..............
  3. Maybe AK is the one who approaching them............
  4. If this happens,I '''think''' Singapore will join Malaysia like what had happened decades ago.....
  5. Last time when i went Xiamen by Xiamen Airlines.Just after the pilot park the plane at tarmac and few moments later, the pilot come out from the cockpit and went out with other passengers..So for the case like this,how to visit the cockpit as the pilot are so hurry..??
  6. Li Ren

    Air Asia X

    May be they can send some foreign workers back to home town.....
  7. I think more and more people will choose to travel by plane to Singapore in future compared to the express bus services..
  8. Hello, I would like to ask all of you a question.. hOw to maKe sUre thAt thE tail of an aircraft doesn't touches the runway during takeoff ??
  9. Wow,that's good...Near to my area compared to Lcct Sepang.
  10. Hehe,it looks like a crash test.....
  11. It is really hard for me to believe that the company whose main building was sold can 'climb up' so fast from the ''swampy area'' ..
  12. Dear all,I m here to share something with you all regarding MAS Airlines..... Fact: 1. Most of the MAS 737-400 are already sold to the Bank of Utah, USA. 2. MAS is going to replace the 737-400 with the -800 series OR airbus A320 in 2 years time. 3. Penarbangan Malaysia bhd (PMB) is in queue for the Airbus A380. Go to Airbus delivery page > select Asia-Pacific > select PMB. Total is 6. 4. PMB leases aircraft to MAS. 5. MAS wants to cancel the airbus A380. Click here to read more 6. MAS has the A380 simulator. Rumor (most likely): 1. I spoke with someone regarding MAS’ future plans to replace the 737 fleet and he said he knew someone in PMB. They guy from PMB said that they are definitely getting the 737-800 to replace the current 737-400 (in service for about 15 years). They are also replacing all the current Airbus with the 737-900 (?). See also: news How is PMB going to get slots for the -800 or -900 series? Isn’t it fully booked until at least 2009? They are getting the planes from ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation). ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation)ILFC is owned by U.S. insurance giant AIG, and is run by Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, who founded the company in 1973. At the beginning of 2005, ILFC had an inventory of 824 aircraft (per AvSoft/The Wall Street Journal.) According to Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine (August 6, 2007) as of August 2007, ILFC had an inventory of over 900 aircraft valued at more than $48 billion. ILFC is the largest customer of both Boeing and Airbus. 2. MAS is getting the 787 Dreamliner. 3. MAS is gonna scrap of the 747 fleet (probably converting it into cargo) 4. MAS is negotiating to cancel the A380 for the A350. Rumor (unlikely): 1. MAS might buy Airbus from Air Aisa since Air Asia bought some 50 single-aisle A320 series planes from Airbus.
  13. Thanks you Louis. I Love the program so much
  14. Can I know when Melaka Airport will be fully upgraded to enable the A.K to fly here because as a Multimedia University students,I hope that I can board A.K n fly back to my hometown ...????
  15. It is really a good news for us especially me who is still a student because I can travel to Hong kong's Disney Land with friends during the trimester break which is about three weeks.....Hopefully A.K etc.. will have the new ruote to Beijing so more people can travel to Beijing and watch the Beijing 2008 Olimpic Games
  16. ''Now,everyone can fly to Macau'' n also the famous Macau casino...Dunno how Uncle Lim felt as he knew this news .....
  17. It is better to put the rapist inside as experiment as there are so many rapist in our 'lovely' country...
  18. Wow,looks like Air Asia's fleet will become greater n greater.. Proud of it as it is the symbolic icon for Malaysia
  19. Dear all , can I know with only SPM qualification ,can I apply for the Singapore Airlines' Cadet Pilot Program ?
  20. Air Asia offers the Engineering Trainee program few months ago which is May 2007. So,keep an eye on The Star's Jobs page or air Asia website so you can knows when they have the new intake. All the best ,Michyiki
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