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  1. Hi Mwings Members


    New models that are coming in lately have becoming so expensive.


    But I do have some item for sale. All items are in good condition with box


    Phoenix Sri Lankan A330-200 4R-ALD RM 50

    Witty Wings Qatar Airways B787-8i A7-BCK RM 50

    Flightline 400 Korean Air B777-200ER HL-7530 RM 110

    Phoenix Qatar Airways Airbus 320 A7-AHL RM 50

    Gemini Jets KLM B777-300ER PH-BVN RM 120



    Pics can be sent via whatsapp



    Have a great day ahead

  2. Hi All


    The models below are for sale. I have reduced the price for some unsold models.


    Phoenix Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus 330-200 RM 60

    Witty Wings Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8i RM 70

    Phoenix Qatar Airways One World Airbus 320 RM 50

    Phoenix Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 RM 50

    Phoenix Cathay Pacific 50th 777 Boeing 777-300ER RM 110

    Gemini Jets Emirates Boeing 777-300ER RM 50 (twisted landing gear. Still in good condition)

    Gemini Jets Thai Airways Airbus 380-800 RM 80

  3. Operated FOR Etihad...if the crew are from Jet and Virgin Aust.

    BY Etihad bro .. been on JW 332 operated by EY sometime last year .. apparently crew are from EY and even the PTV is E-BOX.. the rego for the wet leased JW 77W 332 being changed to A7-... not sure for the VA though

  4. EY and EK are on sale now .. pre matta fair deals i suppose .. on may return london for less than 2500 per pax .. return cdg will be 2200 on EY


    booked mine in may using EY

    KUL AUH JW 77W

    AUH LHR EY 388

    LHR AUH EY 388

    AUH KUL VA 77W


    3 diff body all operated by Etihad .. Wish to have a sneak peak inside First Residence and First Apartment .. ignore the cheesy name you should :p


    MH domestic n ASEAN routes on sale as well

  5. at least taib mahmud has 9M ATM... <_<

    the important matter is to be there safely...choosing either MAS or SIA is not a big issue


    few years back tuanku sultan was among the passenger who trapped in MTB due to technical problem on aerotrain..he was on his way to changi and flew on MAS that time..he was transfered to satelite buiding by VIP vehicle


    i wish speedy recovery for tuanku


  6. 787's first flight delayed




    First flight of The Boeing Co.'s 787 Dreamliner has slipped into October, the Seattle P-I has learned, and that delay will make it even more challenging and problematic to complete an aggressive flight-test program and get the new jet certified by regulators and delivered on time.


    The further pushback of the first flight from the end of September is mainly a result of the complexity of installing and integrating various systems on the 787, people familiar with the matter said.


    it is going to take more time than expected to get the critical flight-control systems and software up and running on the plane and "talking" with the other systems, these people said.....


    The pressure is definitely on Boeing now


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