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  1. I thought reporters will just published from press releases? With so much misquote I think they should just hand them the press release and ask them to print alphabet by alphabet.


    Otherwise it's another "fake" news.


    Your house is safe enough i believe. but not the road. :aggressive:


    i did discuss with my friend also, maybe it cost around 1500-2000 for half day. with upper&lower floor and w/c. but, do our traffics justify the price tag? :friends:

    No need double storey and WC lah...

  3. Possible that one is from KUL and one from BKI. Then the ATR from SDK. I think there is also a permanent Sikorsky "Nuri" there. Only C130/A400 not scheduled by quite regular these days.


    AK6266 from BKI arrives 1320

    AK5746 from KUL arrives 1335

    MH2137 from BKI arrives 1345


    So can be congested at times, not help by the slow immigration/security check.

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