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  1. Actually except for franchise believe the other Korean restaurants in KK are owned by "retired" Koreans, some may not be able to even communicate in English properly. So the claim about bad kimchi...


    It's been awhile since a fleet of 2 x B747, 2 x T7 and 1 330(?) brought in the Amway army and occupy Sepanggar Bay. Didn't notice any extraordinary movement since then.


    By the way, KKIA can handle B748.

  2. Yes, the mind boggles as to why AK has not dipped its feet into BKI-SEL all this while :)

    I'm guessing anywhere MH's 738 can reach, AK's 320(neo) also can do ? Hopefully they can do a better show to Tokyo and/or Perth than what the incumbent has mustered all these years


    I would like to think that they have done up the research and found to be not profitable. Easter and Jeju are both LCC and they have flights from ICN & PUS daily now. So LCC with the right mechanism might work. Maybe AK lacks presence in Korea.


    Also, noted Korean backpackers are pretty rare in KK. They get the VIP treatment i.e. being chauffeured around without much interaction with the locals. From landing to departing.

  3. Roads in Sabah & Sarawak are different in a sense that there is no direct route cutting through mountainous region to reach the other side. Widening road also not possible in most places as these roads were carved on the hillside.


    Currently a drive from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan takes around 5 hours, then another 3 or so to Tawau. Mind you most Chinese tourist now goes to Semporna via flight to Tawau. Both Tawau and Sandakan airports has seen expansion on the runway and terminal recently and maybe they should expand it again to cater for more flights. More flight means (hopefully) cheaper price.


    Moving forward perhaps to allow foreign airlines direct flight to Tawau to increase competition.

  4. I assume it's Malindo/Batik charters that now see flights to/fro BKI from secondary Chinese airports such as Yiwu (YIW), Zhengzhou (CGO), Changsha (CSX) and Wenzhou (WNZ) last couple of days

    (of which the latter two, I had previously years ago been stranded at, courtesy of Chinese fog :))


    They are also doing ICN although not daily.

  5. We are discussing as if MH goes bust and it's all doom and gloom with AK raising the price, etc.


    Back then with only MH around we also didn't expected the formation of Air Asia, the tremendous growth it gained and the dominance they have now. So there is no saying that another airline would not appear in the future in any situation. Maybe with the gap left behind with MH out of the picture OD will be more aggressive. By then they only have a straight fight with Air Asia.

  6. yup, this is a good idea, actually it can be done with AirAsia as they prefers using their red lorry stairs rather than aerobridge (as they can perform dual exit embark disembark that get things done faster.). it is so funny that in PEN the aircraft is parked near to the aerobridge and the passenger are disembark via the red lorry staircase, and the passenger walking the stairs into the arrival hall.


    Only to walk up the staircase to the arrival hall again.

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