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  1. Inspired by another friend's posting on FB."So, why did you work long hours?"

  2. Canceling my NRT trip.

  3. MH2612 opb 9M-MKA!

  4. Looks like BKI airport is closed till further notice.

  5. To find me on Google, just copy and paste this there.2 sqrt(-abs(abs(x)-1)*abs(3-abs(x))/((abs(x)-1)*(3-abs(x))))(1+abs(abs(x)-3)/(abs(x)-3))sqrt(1-(x/7)^2)+(5+0.97(abs(x-.5)+abs(x+.5))-3(abs(x-.75)+abs(x+.75)))(1+abs(1-abs(x))/(1-abs(x))),-3sqrt(1-(x/7)^2)sqrt(abs(abs(x)-4)/(abs(x)-4)),abs(x/2)-0.0913722(x^2)-3+sqrt(1-(abs(abs(x)-2)-1)^2),(2.71052+(1.5-.5abs(x))-1.35526sqrt(4-(abs(x)-1)^2))sqrt(abs(abs(x)-1)/(abs(x)-1))+0

  6. My son has had a pretty tough childhood up till now.When he was about 1 year old, he developed high fever a day before Chinese New Year. I remember hugging his in the emergency ward as the nurse pour cold water to try and bring the temperature down. It was 2 am on the first day of CNY when everything was over, and I got a "saman" for illegal parking. About a year later he had to undergo a surgery to remove an enlarged hydrocele.Today, he was 5mm away from losing his left eye.

  7. Reporting for duty.

  8. taking a good look at my kids and how they have grown up. More things to share as they grow older but missed a lot as well. Can't turn back time. Can't spend limited time chasing unlimited dreams. Must slow down and smell the flower, and love my family.

  9. Does anyone able to help check the QR rego operating as QR625 last night?

  10. Oh no. Today wear v-neck.

  11. In hotel room but feels like floating in the sea.

  12. 哦鬼吃不完。。。

  13. Happy birthday, Malaysia. SEBANGSA, SENEGARA, SEJIWA.

  14. "Hi, I'm new here and have very little knowledge about planes and photography. Mind if I tag along for your next spotting trip? " - Waiping, 17 July 2007, BKI Spotting thread, MalaysianWings.net

  15. SIN-KUL-NRT MH A380 approx. RM1500.SIN-BKK TG A380 approx. RM1300.both sector valid until Dec 2012 only.decisions...decisions...

  16. Charging service charge when there is no service at all is like supporting non performance.


  18. Big mama delayed 30mins.

  19. I do not recall DIGI issuing service interruption notice whether on their webpage or in any local daily. Did you?

  20. SYOK! Onboard AFV to bki!

  21. 9M-AFI expected to operate AK5128 ETA BKI 1800.

  22. Before I forget and the "H" turns to "E" or "3G" again. Really beh tahan the yellow man for the past week or so. Missing in action, and i can't surf!

  23. Good work Datuk LCW despite the defeat, one of a few hardworking Datuk in the country.

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