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  1. nice pix there, Yoong and Meor... just now when i busy working, i heard a very sweet sound, and i know that it must be something WIDE... and indeed. haha... :lol:


    and thanks for the clarification, Andi. just now i'm so wondering how she can make it to the old apron. :lol: btw, i believe the 734 pushed back and taxi to new gates via Charlie and Juliet.


    Around 4 - 5pm?

  2. So... I haven't even contributed yet to the "Spotting in Vienna" topic started by Cornelis, but this past weekend my wife and I went for a short trip to the magnificent city of Munich, capital of Bavaria. Not only is it a magnificent city, it also has an interesting airport.


    Wah, so lucky can spot with wife. Mine prefers to stay home. :(

  3. I can't really see if there is any improvement as I was at the other side. However, from this picture it does seem to have at least spray the aircraft. Maybe they spray first and radio the pilot to move towards them. :p



  4. Went to catch a glimpse of the inaugural Cebu Pacific flight from MNL to BKI just now. Unfortunately as the sun set it's becoming harder and harder for an inexperience guy like me to capture the event. Anyway, here goes.


    I arrived 15 minutes before ETA. The screen confirmed flight would arrive at 1830.



    Time to check my equipment. Need to find the best setting. Can't resist capturing this lovely baby again.



    Looks like the welcoming party already here.



    In the meantime flight AK5836 arriving from Tawau 9M-AAF.



    Flight MH383 from HKG arriving just before 6:30pm. 9M-MQF



    Finally! Arrived after 15 minutes delay. Flight 5J-731 from MNL using Airbus A319.



    Moving towards gate 1 T2 for the ceremonial "shower" for the new "customer".



    Confirmation of the delay.



    That's all, folks.

  5. Yes, Ramani. I think I recalled you mentioned something about D7 acquiring Air Canada's A345 and the reason behind ex-CEO of Air Canada was made a shareholder of D7.


    So the rumours about D7 is getting the A346 from QR, CX or direct from Airbus is now officially off. Too bad it's not an A346.


    Aye. A346 would be very very nice indeed.

  6. Hi guys.


    Dropped by to check out a sexy baby this afternoon. There were many onlookers at the terminal but surprisingly those nearby the plane are mainly "ang-mos". They even operate the push back truck in their own. The pilot was starting the engines one at a time but i didn't stay to find out whether she took off or not.








    In in time to avoid being "saman" for illegal parking.

  7. Welcome on board!


    Too bad have to break the bad news to you. Read somewhere here that the Heliconia (9M-MRD) has been stripped and no longer wearing the awesome livery she once don. The two hibiscus (9M-MPB and 9M-MPD) had also been stripped.

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