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  1. Around 1130 on 6/3 I switch on FR24 and saw an A342 without flight info heading to BKI from BWN. I have no doubt it was to be HRH Sultan of Brunei's plane V8-001. My best bet then was the plane to do a few touch-n-go at BKI before heading off to SDK and TWU and then back either to BKI or straight to BWN. The previous few touch-n-go has always been to TWU and SDK since lesser traffic. In fact, was told that most of the TnG request to BKI tower ended up being rejected.


    So I drove back home to get my camera while keeping an eye on the A342. To my surprised the plane landed and parked at the far end of T2. As I approach T2, there were plenty of security personnel and some transport truck from logistic company. So I thought someone came to do some shopping.


    The plane's engine was left running as the personnel loaded into the aircraft. At around 1230, about 1 hour after arrival, the VIP entourage arrived, some 20 of them. Soon the plane was cleared for push-back and departure.




    Self-power push back. My son always do that when flying FlightSim.





  2. The terminal may also need upgrading as it can barely handle 2 narrowbody flights at the same time currently. Sometimes there were 3 flights departing at around the same time in SDK - one ATR doing the BKI - SDK - TWU vv sector, 1 either AK/MH doing BKI - SDK vv and 1 from KUL, usually AK.

  3. After spending the small fortune refurbishing MAB's 333s along with the songs and dances promoting the front end, imagine the PR disaster should these incoming 2nd hand birds be operated in rojak configurations. Heck, people already feel trolled with the few differently fitted 738s nowadays :)


    If they can offer cheaper than OD or even AK fares why not? The market here is way too price sensitive.

  4. Came back on AK the evening of the wedding itself and was eager to spot the B747-8i, Unfortunately the weather the next day was horrendous and only got better around 3pm when 9M-III departed.


    T2 was full to the brim and some aircraft were parked at T1 and move to T2 to pick up their passengers.


    First to leave - M42-02












    No doubt the centre of attention for the day - V8-BLF






    Last but not least - 9M-III




    Bonus for the day. Came in before JOHOR1 departed.




    I got a feeling this will be an awesome year for spotting. :yahoo:

  5. Starting off late with a bunch of foreigners...


    Xiamen started operating Fuzhou - Kota Kinabalu on the 9 Jan every Mon, Thu and Fri.




    China Southern from Guangzhou.




    Lion still operating Jinan - Kota Kinabalu - Denpasar on charter.



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