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  1. This dc-3 still runs on old school piston powered turbine engines and kept most of its performance antique lik unlike other dc-3 which have been modified to turboprop also this breitling bird runs on avgas instead of jetfuel or kerosene they reserved 20gas barrels months before.

    Smells like diesel instead of kerosene. :p

  2. 'China Express Airline will make Kuching as its South East Asia hub; Beijing Glory shall manage two SEDC hotels – Damai Puri and Grand Margherita – in Kuching; there will be increasing connectivity for Chinese, Korean and Japanese tourism markets; Beijing Glory will take over management of some tourism destinations such as Bako and Mulu National Park; there will be rebranding of SEDC’s Sarawak Plaza'


    ..an extraction from a local newspaper. For full report check out http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/03/21/abang-johari-makes-first-visit-to-china-as-cm/


    This looks like a more comprehensive effort, rather just mounting flights and expect the local government to do something. If they are managing the tourist spots as well as hotels, a complete package could then be offered to target customers.


    That is if they get what they wanted.

  3. No it was meant to be a joke. Yes the tug was available. Saw them having a discussion near the nose gear, then the bar was removed. Have no idea what they were doing at that time. Then the reverse was deployed. I thought they were testing the equipment, until they power up and the plane move back slowly.

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