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  1. Makes me think we should have less commercial airports (meaning we should only have one major commercial airport serving two or three or four cities cities within say 200km radius). That would create a greater pool of travellers, more economies of scale and can attract more airlines.


    Trains these days are more efficient, faster and complemented with highways can connect cities 200km apart in just 1-2 hours from door to door depending on transport mode.


    What about the "airport corridor" mooted by individual CMs all the way from Melaka to Kedah? :D

  2. And compete with a myriad of LCC operating that route?


    I think what BC was referring to was the lack of Malaysian based airline plying this route, which is currently 100% covered by Korean carriers. Back in the old days MH flew this route with A330 along with KE and OZ. Of the currently airlines plying this route - RS, LJ, ZE and 7C, perhaps only ZE is truly LCC?. Even the best low cost carrier in the world don't dare to touch this route.

  3. Was flying to HKG on 9M-AHJ last month and decided to try their Rokki Wi-Fi. Took quite awhile to get to the payment page. Took the 3MB package for RM9, tried to surf the web but awefully slow. Not sure if messenger package means no web surfing. Tried very hard to get some connection. In the end only used up 1MB before preparing for landing.


    Like DiGi these days. :(

  4. Hot seat in Quiet Zone? How did it become a disaster?


    On my previous flight to SYD, I noticed that the Quiet Zone fees have increased.


    So I experimented - I booked a seat on Row 44 on my return flight so that I can compare the difference between Quiet Zone and normal cabin. The Row 44 seats are at the section where the cabin tapers and 3-3-3 seating become 2-3-2. Seat comfort is much better - does not feel so cramped and seat pitch appears to be better too. Noise levels are far higher as the seat is behind the engines - so noise cancelling headphones are probably needed if you can't stand the noise!


    But alas. D7 also caught on to my little "trick" - they increased the fees for those seats as well!!!

    I mean they put me on the hot seat at the last section of economy on the A333. During flight everyone seems to enjoy lingering around that area.

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