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  1. To really appreciate the aircraft I think should consider the SIN - BKK sector. Otherwise won't get much out of it.
  2. Grey plane during grey sky...
  3. Avalon is the site for Australian International Air show. Maybe can do like Langkawi. Go in early, snap-snap, fly back.
  4. According to Wiki the train model is Bombardier Innovia APM-100, the same model used at a host of other airports. Would be interesting to know if they are still in use there, and the problems encountered. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombardier_Innovia_APM_100
  5. Been stalking this for awhile now.
  6. The chrome tail logo looks nice though. Not sure if the wavy look on the blue tail is on purpose or artist impression of light reflection.
  7. Airbus livery on Boeing planes. This is harsh!
  8. Not sure about the schedule though. Last was on 16/1 I think.
  9. 2 weeks after first B737 deployment to BKI, MI did it again yesterday (29/1).
  10. MH sent 9M-MLF from BKI to PER a few weeks ago. Average flying time 5 hours 14 mins according to FR24. Was thinking they only deploy these at max BKI - KUL with average flying time of slightly more than 2 hours. We also have the dreaded 9M-FFF occasionally.
  11. I did a quick check. The A380 can fit 868 seats in one class configuration. Recommended "comfortable 3 class" configuration at 544 passengers. SQ has the least seat at 379 while EK packed 615 into theirs. Not sure if the number have changed, but 700 might be doable? Maybe Cebu Pacific can try.
  12. I am still struggling to understand the term "tin can" aircraft. Regardless of brand planes are anything but "tin can". Different interior configuration maybe but same frame/structure. Perhaps what he meant was packed like "sardine"?
  13. On-board AK5118 (rego 9M-AGT) seat 28A yesterday.
  14. Haha. Well we did discuss about it.
  15. Unlike the previous 2 weeks or so, we had slightly better sunlight and runway 20 active. All these after the A350 is gone. Oh well, today first time ever Silk Air sent their B738 instead of their usual A319/A320.
  16. Out of interest both B-16701 & B-16702 are now with Nordwind Airlines as VP-BJL & VP-BJO.
  17. A Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) Airbus A350 plane conducted its test flight from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) on Tuesday, 9 January. https://www.propertyhunter.com.my/news/2018/01/4565/sabah/mas-airbus-a350-conducts-test-flight-to-kkia No wonder we got so many complaint of "misquote" from various quarters.
  18. I think Expressair may not be able to compete with Air Asia or Wings Air.
  19. Congratulations! Hope they push Expressair out of the route.
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