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  1. MHS fixed wing charter to KTE had been terminated a month ago.
  2. Capt, advice me when you are in Kerteh however..........myself, 05 Mar KUL - EWR 14 Mar EWR - KUL - KTN will be in country till 14th Apr.
  3. Agree with you Radzi otherwise now they should start thinking either to join OneWorld or Star Alliance
  4. Hi greeting from West Palm Beach, Thanks Norman for the pic and also for the dinner. TK, the planning on MH90 turn-out to be not so well. The flight was almost full, anyway thank you...Man. For my Flight Log, will try to make one when I comeback.
  5. Norman...Norman Congratulation Bro on your new ER but I really really wish that you will also get the ER for this; note: This thing also can be LR if you do the 'TANGO' right. Will be in Kayell somewhere around 22nd or 23rd.......ready to 'T-off' ?
  6. Flying is my life and to say that I'm not scare, I lie. I'm always scare everytime I walk to the aircraft, scare in the sense that everything I do I'll do it thoroughly - double check and sometime triple check. While flying when you know what you're doing than you'll have the confident but don't be 'overconfidence'. You'll start doing things beyond your ability and your machine capability with this kind of attitude. So I keep a little bit of fear so that I 'll always ready for any unexpected situation that might happen and maintain my confidence level at its best. Like a famous quote ' Safely and confidently' That is fear of flying from my perspective.
  7. Amaze by your post Norman but just to comfirm, do they change the runway designation too inconjunction with the new terminal building? Because AFAIK that rwy suppose to be RANWAY TOO TOO.
  8. Norman good coverage on local in action and waiting for the action by the foreigners. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the link Cool video....adorable marshaller.
  10. Good on EK SuperJumbo coverage but only a few pic, we need more. Congrat on your platinum you must be earning more than 100K a year now he..he..he
  11. Nice pics from all of you. As TK already brought Ah Moi back to kampung, hopefully we are going to have some sort of 'kenduri' soon?
  12. Mr TK with all your pics and stories and explanations and ground school, make me want to go back thru time and start all over again and join you in this super duper machine. Can I do that aarrrr? Go on with more pic and story at least I can imagine flying the triple Seben every night before I go to sleep.
  13. Woaahhh! both of you taking the advantage of that ' all ghost been in the lock-up' during this Ramadhan. I think other than be a magician Mr Kong Minefield is also a mathematician, always got the beacon flashing rate correctly. Something rare from both of you, nice.
  14. JK if you ask about the livery, I think it is nice but they should come-out with a different color matching with the character and not just paste the lovely Kitty over the existing EVA livery.
  15. Azahan good to play the front one, don't ever ever the back Ooopppppsssssss........what am I saying
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