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  1. "Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL MIAT) started the new year with high flying recognition from Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia (DCA). It officially became the first approved Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) following a certificate presentation ceremony held on January 24, 2008 at its campus in Dengkil. The first of its kind in Malaysia, UniKL MIAT is responsible in imparting ab-initio training to the students in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The approval is based on DCA Airworthiness Notice No. 85 - APPROVAL OF TRAINING ORGANISATION which has adopted the Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom (CAA UK) British Civil Aviation Regulation (BCAR) Section L requirements such as the standards and syllabus. ..." - CONGRATULATION!!
  2. hello..welcome to malaysianwings.hope u can get more benefits here..
  3. ic....actually for my 'homework' . i need to know the ice and rain protection system used in 787.. can u help me where to find it?thanks
  4. Hi guyz! Can someone provide me information how to get the 787 Maintenace Manual (PDF version)? Looking forward hearing from you soon.
  5. HI..can someone provide me some information for the new intake of TAME,MAS? i heard that the recruitment was opened for MAS staff only...is it true?
  6. yeah...it was a golden opprtunity for felda youth.i wish to be one of them..hehe frankly, till now i didnt get sponsorship for my training course although i passed with flying colors in my exam. so sad...huhu. i had tried to apply for TAME at MAS, but the recruitment is not opened for public.Anak-anak staff MAS je dapat apply...
  7. Affirmative. i'll try to be more than him..need your support and prayers guyz!insyaAllah.
  8. concerning to the above matter, i would like to suggest you to buy a book, "Panduan Ibadah Dalam Musafir Penerbangan" by Captain Hafiz Abdullah or you can read it via website http://www.al-firdaus.com the contents of the book is very useful and easy to understand.thanks..
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