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  1. Don’t worry dear, understand your intended out of topic message :-) KLIA2 is a far-sighted project, just like Penang Bridge (Now have 2nd bridge and future rm6 billion tunnel mega project), Putrajaya, Iskandar Malaysia and others including Proton/Perodua/Modenas (creates know-how tech and few hundred thousand jobs in its supply chain). Unfortunately, we are being vaccinated with words like ‘cronies’, ‘waste’ and others, from groups that not helping us becoming a prosperous nation. At the end, these projects proved beneficial to the rakyat. Face the reality of another parties packed with cronies and their family members. Nothing impressed from them ruling three states in Malaysia after two GE. No hope at all.
  2. Negative. According to the brilliant CM, what Penang really need is a tunnel. Not road, LRT, MRT, low cost houses, etc…
  3. Great to see this aviation forum works as it's supposed to be, this is what we signed up for. Hope nobody ever hijack our beloved forum again to express their political views. Let's pray for the best possible outcomes for MH370.
  4. Indeed, endless possibilities... he promised to retire and become a lecturer if his unregistered coalition lost PRU-13 but now the same guy contesting Kajang for MB seat
  5. Reserve your words until PR win 14GE. Then you can see not only cronies, all their families enjoyed it as well like what happen in their three main parties – Ketua Umum, Spiritual leader and Advisor not democratically elected but have full power + their wife, son, daughter, son in low, daughter in law and you name the rest, hold a very good position.
  6. Some of us eagerly associate their comments with their political standpoint and think (force) everyone here (to) have the same view. This is the beauty of this so called aviation forum.
  7. Indeed everybody knows what pigs fly is. But no correlation between the article and that massive insulting picture!
  8. Dear KK Lee, your picture insulting Muslims. Please respect others like how you want to be respected. Maybe too excited with your political view. Typical!
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